Dina Lacko – Rajko Puclin

“A Journey through Love & Inspiration” Acoustic jazz/ rock/ soul

Rajko Puclin is a professional entertainer of 30 years, having shared the stage with many renowned musicians. A master of the piano, he will whisk you away on a musical voyage of love and faith.

Dina Lacko, who will mesmerize you with her distinctive, velvety alto, accompanies Rajk. Their musical talent brings you back to Mother Earth where you remember what you knew when your soul entered your lifetime… that which we forgot so long ago. The most powerful quality of love is listening. Join us to hear our Mother Earth talking to us.

Dina Lacko Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

Dina Lacko

Dina is born in Varaždin, in Croatia. Dina is a lyric writer, poet and a piano player whose work has been so far focused around the final musical presentation.
Finally finding courage to stand in front of an audience, this will be her beginning as a singer on a whole night concert.
She has been a lyric writer to celebrate musicians in Croatia such as Divlje Jagode and Ibrica Jusić.
As a singer she had short performances with bands such as Grey Economy and The Dynamics.

Rajko Puclin Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

Rajko Puclin

Rajko is born in Varaždin, in Croatia and studied at the Music Academy in Zagreb. Rajko is a piannist and Hammond organ player, composer, arranger, jazz virtuoso.
In the 1980’s he was keyboard player in a famous New Wave band Zvijezde whose song Nikol is still a hit today. After leaving Zvijezde he spent 10 years playing in Germany and Switzerland. Upon returning to Croatia he accompanied many Croatian musicians such as Boris Novković, Željko Bebek for whom he arranged album. Currently he is playing with talented and distinctive country singer Zack Dust. He’s also working on a new project that includes Hammond organ jazz trio.