Fabian Franco

Dr. Fabian Franco | Throne Room, Bardo Palace, Tunis, Tunisia

From Tunis to Paris, from the piano to the hospital, the music as a medicine, the self medication is recommended

At home, in Tunis, when I was a little boy, my mother played jazz and oriental songs on our piano. I gazed at her, totally enchanted, as she was my dearest falafel… full of the most wonderful smells. The sounds that emanated through her mesmerized my soul. I give her full credit for my fingers finding their way to the piano at a very young age. I never had any formal lessons. The music lived inside me like a gift from the universe.

I am the Headline!

Years later when I was a medical student in Paris I took up songwriting, dreaming that some day I would be famous for sharing my music. I felt that songs were a perfect way to help satisfy my need to help all people. That same need led me to psychiatry. Now, with many years of serving in the medical profession, I am specialised in mental health. My pages and pages of songs stay tucked away in a cabinet. Sometimes, I unveil my treasures to play for my friends and family, and now… during this magical event, Le Petit Festival, I feel famous as I play for YOU – my friends and my family.”

Dr. Fabian Franco