Ricoo explains about her calligraphy:
« Sho », Japanese calligraphy, consist or lines and dots that a “silence”.
Using black and white colors, the white from the Washi,or Japanese paper and a black from the Sumi, or ink, create a world of stillness.

Upon which, the wind of the artists expression blows and brings movement in to the paper.
The scenery that comes into sight, the images that arise in my mind, and with each poem and each word, my bring movement through gusting winds of expression into the canvas in creating my calligraphy.
The viewer can sense the silence and stillness yet a powerful movement in my calligraphy.

Ricoo is Japanese calligrapher based in Tokyo, Japan. She began to learn Japanese calligraphy in her childhood.

In 1977, she became a disciple of “Syunjyuusyogeisya”to learn calligraphy under Mr.Housyun Fukazawa.and certified as a calligraphy master.

In 2009, she became a disciple of “Kyoikusyodogeijyutuin”to learn more about creative activities.(Pseudonym Meisui)

Now, she is continuing her creative activities in search of her original calligraphy.
(Pseudonym Ricoo)