Ryuichiro Kawase

Ryuichiro Kawase

After his study of Sociology at Yokohama National University, finally Ryuichiro Kawase decided to be a Ceramist and came back to his home town Nagasaki in the southern part of Japan, where he has his atelier.

There are many kind of ceramists, their interests are very different.
Some are looking for the forms, designs of ceramic, or color, paintings on the ceramic, or to make casual ceramic for the table wear, or very traditional especially for the Tea Ceremony.

Ryuichiro Kawase, his choice of his ceramic work is now, he gives much more importance for the Tea, and Ceremony of tea, as tea cups, bowls.
For that, he works from the stones to prepare his own clay, first to break, smash, crush stones to make his powder to mix with other soil.

Ryuichiro Kawase
E: ryuichiro7@gmail.com

As many ceramists, he also practices tea ceremony since many years, and this year at Dubrovnik, with his friends coming mainly from Nagasaki, they will do the demonstration of tea ceremony as they do in Japan at Modern Art Museum Dubrovnik.

These 9 membars are : Ryuichiro Kawase (M), Chikako Ogawa (F), Keiko Fujiyama (F),
Hirohumi Motoyama (M), Takae Motoyama (F), Masaaki Shinoda (M), Shinichi Ogawa (M), Nobuhiro Takahara (M), Sachiko Takahara (F).