Kaori Suzuki started to study the classic ballet when she was a child at Singapore, then in Japan.
1989~1996, she had been working as classic solo dancer in Japan, and since 1997, she is living in Paris, and had danced at Royal Ballet of London, Opera de Paris, Garnier and Bastille, for classic ballet.
Kaori Suzuki joines to some contemporary companys for contemporary dance, Buto, or played musical as King and I with famous actor Lambert Wilson in Paris, or makes choreography for some companys.
Kaori Suzuki plays now also as an actress at the theater in Paris, so very large potential she has.

Sébastien Vuillot started by Jazz Dance in 1985 then contemporary, tap dancing.
He discovered Japanese traditional dances, as Nô, Kyogen in Japan and leaned there.
In 2002, he met Christian Remer, Alain Recoing (master of marionette) and at Théâtre aux Mains Nues , he had been working as assistant in Paris.
He received 1st Prize of Dance Box with his solo “Ningyo”.
Sébastien Vuillot also had played for the films, as Ballon Rouge, M’as-tu rêvé ?, Bunraku.
He also oeganizes The Festival de Marionettes in Paris with international aerisrs.

Company Tsurukam is their collaboration work and they create original performance with dance, marionette, décor, theatrical performance.
At the 14th Le Petit Festival du Theatre of this year, they will play Kagome.
This is created from Japanese legend Tsuruno Ongaeshi, means Return back of kindness from a crane.

One day a crane was hurt and could not move on the road, and a man passed by.
He took care of her and she could fly back to the sky.
Sometime later, someone knocked his door, and a woman was very tired, asked him for taking a rest at his house.
Some days later she had being better and suggested him to make a fabric for Kimono to thank him, but she asked never see her during working…
In the night she had been working and the next morning he received a beautiful fabric for Kimono and went to the market for selling that with good price.
She continued to work, but on night, he could not resist seeing her working…
A crane making a fabric with her feathers…

Tsurukam co.
Kaori Suzuki – Japan
Sebastien Vuillot – France