Dubrovnik (Croatia): 14-17 June, 2018
Dubrovnik Croatia
Hanko (Finland): 23-26 August, 2018

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2018, Croatia

Le Petit Festival is a magical story of falling in love, growing together, and living for the love of peace, beauty, and happiness.

Vinko Mario Prizmic 2018
Turn your face to the sun. All shadows, and any darkness descend behind you.
Perhaps the sun is just one of the stars from last night? The only star that wants to shine the entire day, dousing all the inhabitants of earth with Star Love?
Do you know that “I love you”, in Japanese, means… “I need you”?
– Vinko Mario Prizmic, Croatia
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25 Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Croatia
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Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a unique and exquisite event that introduces contemporaneous poetics and aesthetics by way of various arts, crafts, and performances. Enjoyed by international audiences and, whenever possible, interactive with the artists, writers, scientists and designers.

Our little rebel, filled with devotion and the boundless energy of a family, is comprised of unique people that seek to influence and change our world – artists, intellectuals, designers, poets, romantic scientists, and creative fanatics.

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2018, Croatia - Vinko Prizmic

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2018 is celebrating
“Sun and the Land of the Rising Sun”

Le Petit Festival - Summer of The Lord 2018 - Anno Domino MMXVIII