Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik Red Carpet

Le Petit Festival Red Carpet at Ost Stern, Frankfurt, Germany

INVITATION for something you will never forget, “The Red Carpet”
Dubrovnik and its rebellious “Le Petit Festival” at Ost Stern, Frankfurt – Hanauer Landstrasse 121
1st December 2018
Around 21h

Lady Diana Queen Elizabeth

Glamorous and stunning array of celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth, Marina Abramovic, Juliane Moore, Annie Leibovitz, Catherine Deneuve, Roger Federer, Jeff Bridges, Karl Lagerfeld, Dalai Lama…

Frankfurt Etko

This unusual Red Carpet will be covered by Dubrovnik Time – one of the most famous Croatian photographer Zeljko Tutnjevic will be reporting the entire event.

Zeljko Tutnjevic

The Le Petit Festival’s “Faux Red Carpet”. The glamour and pageantry and stunning array of celebrities unmatched by the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars Awards combined! Incredible? Let me explain. To walk down the red carpet are the heavyweights from cinema, fashion, music, politics and sports… *Who are still living:* Leonardo Di Caprio, Rafael Nadal, Donald Tramp, Angela Merkel, Lady Gaga… And who already passed away: Marlon Brando, JFK, Jacqueline Onassis, Marilyn Monroe…


Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a non-profit festival, a community of art and science dreamers from around the world, and a showcase for art and science lovers & patrons from all over our ‘blue planet’.