World Capitals of Love

World Capitals of Art

Once upon a time...

Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Hanko (Finland) are the World Capitals of Love for 2018. Dubrovnik will officially open the world cultural programme during Le Petit Festival du Théâtre in June and after we meet in Hanko, starting a global journey of art, performances and cultural activities, which will boost local community involvement and attract participants from near and far.

World Capitals of Love are cities designated by members of the international art community for a period of one calendar year during which they organise together a series of cultural events with a strong international dimension.

World Capitals of Love align their actions with UNESCO, building peace in the minds of men and women. A growing circle of cities and network of art communities encourage international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting creative collaboration among nations.

World Capitals of Love is an initiative of foundation Le Petit Festival du Théâtre in collaboration with international artists, galleries and art associations.

World Capitals of Love unify people, cultures and nations through the Arts!


Art must take reality by surprise.