2015 Le Petit Festival Hanko poster
2015 Hanko Program

Photo: Hanko tourism office/Peter Lundqvist

Tickets can be purchased from:
or 30 min. before performances / Hanko Town Hall

FRIDAY 28.8.2015

Red Carpet of Le Petit Festival

The Le Petit Festival’s “Faux Red Carpet”. The glamour and pageantry and stunning celebrities unmatched by the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscars Awards combined incredible? Let me explain. To walk down the red carpet are the heavyweights from cinema, fashion, music, politics and sports… *Who are still living:* Leonardo Di Caprio, Rafael Nadal, David Bowie, Kobe Bryant, Nicola Sarkozy, Lady Gaga… And who are already dead: Marlon Brando, JFK, Jacqueline Onassis, Marilyn Monroe…
Masks by internationally renowned designer Matthew Brill.

From The Hotel Regatta to The Town Hall. The public can participate free.

TsurukamTomoki / Tsurukam company

Tsurukam company, founded by Kaori Suzuki and Sébastien Vuillot.
Their goals are to raise audience awareness about cultural exchange, and to take advantage of their different artistic talents in the creation of their theatrical works.
Dancer Kaori Suzuki and actor Sébastian Vuillot, JAPAN – FRANCE.
“TOMOKI is the our son’s Japanese name… here it refers to a project which explores the soul, existence, nature, the cycle of life, the sacred, connection, heritage, transmission.. almost like a film about someone’s life. This solo includes elements of aerial choreography (suspended from a harness), dance, the use of props (Japanese parasols) and elements such as light and paper, as well as puppetry. There is no text but the character is accompanied by a complex soundscape (music, songs and sound effects).”
Town Hall /TICKETS 15, – / or FESTIVAL PASS

10 years of Le Petit Festival by Zeljko Tutnjevic

Enjoy the exclusive photo exhibition, portraying 10 years of Le Petit Festival behind the eyes of Dubrovnik’s photographer Zeljko Tutnjevic.

Željko Tutnjević is not a photographer… He is not an actor. He is not a writer… He is not a philosopher… He is not a seducer… He is not a painter. But in his photographs you will sense all of those “nots”! Much more real… He is a creator of the moment.


The Golden Gals

Golden gals goes Le Petit Festival – vocals evening

Actors Elsa Saisio, Maija Rissanen and pianist Marko Puro.
`Song Evening explains how to cope with everything, through a friend. A friend called when the life of the glow is lost when the relationship chafe, after all, to the end, when falls in love or when your heart breaks. Stylistically versatile software moves music, theater, bar, and bossanova worlds. There’s both domestic and foreign songs’
“Love needs only one, but friendship requires two.”
Town Hall/ TICKETS 15, – / or FESTIVAL PASS


THEATER BUFFET, restaurant Hangon Casino
Mustat SilmätMustat Silmät – ORCHESTRA

In its music, Mustat silmät combines traditional Finnish music with Slavic melancholy, Romani-sounds and American rhythm and blues. Their live set consists of both original songs as well as old evergreens and cover songs which the band performs in its own, unique way.
Mustat silmät released their debut album ”Mustat silmät” in 2014.
The band has been performing since the early 2000 and venues have included everything from bars and clubs to private boats and outdoor venues, both in Finland and abroad. Depending on the situation, Mustat silmät either performs as a trio, a quartet or even a quintet.
Mustat Silmät
Jori Kalliola – vocals
Teemu Hokkanen – guitar
Olli Rautiainen – accordion and trumpet
Matti Vallius – double bass
Tero Kling – drums

Dinner 55, – incl. dinner and program. / NOT PASSPORT

SATURDAY 29.08.2015

12.00 -14.00
KLOVNERIA- WORKSHOP for children, young, adolescents

Taina Mäki – Casino Park
Free entrance.

14.00 – 17.00

Steven Ditmyer


A unique opportunity for those interested in the work of the actor, director Steven Ditmyer, New York.

`Living Truthfully Under Imaginary Circumstances’

It offers an introduction to the Meisner Technique, which was developed by Sanford Meisner at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City where he taught for more than 50 years – and where I had the privilege of being one of his students.

ln his work at the Playhouse, Meisner trained many of our most distinguished actors and directors, including Robert Duvall, Sydney Pollack, Tony Randall, Christopher Lloyd, James Caan, Diane Keaton, Joanne Woodward, Steve McQueen, Jeff Goldblum, Allison Janney and many more.

The technique is based on truth. Meisner said, “Acting is the ability to live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances.”

Town Hall. Tickets 40 ,-/ netticket.fi

13.00 – 16.00
Heinz Peter SchwerfelAward-winning filmmaker and art critic Heinz Peter Schwerfel, GERMANY / Documentary Films / Artist Pictures.


Heinz Peter Schwerfel
Born 1954 in Cologne, Germany. Studied philosophy and art history in Aachen and Paris (Sorbonne IV).
In 1979, political editor at AFP (Agence France Presse) in Paris. Correspondent in Paris for “ART – Das Kunstmagazin” (Hamburg) from 1981 to 1987. Also worked for the popular cinema program “Etoiles et toiles” on French TV station TF1.

In 1985, he founded HPS-Films production company with offices in Berlin and Paris. At the same time, he worked as a freelance cultural journalist for “Transatlantik”, “Zeit Magazin”, “Artpress”, “Beaux Arts Magazine”, “Filmkorrespondenz”, among others.

In 1988, produced a TV series on the artists Daniel Buren, Mario Merz, Richard Long and Christian Boltanski for the Centre Pompidou (Paris).

Alex Katz – What about Style ?“  58’, 2002, WDR/ARTE
‘Alex Katz – What About Style?’
captures the elusive Katz working in his Maine studio and in his Soho flat.

Anish Kapoor – The World according to Kapoor “, 52′, 2011, ARTE
Anish Kapoor – The World According to Kapoor’,
Documentary following the Indian artist Anish Kapoor as he discusses his life and work.

Rebecca Horn – An erotic Concerto“,  45’, 1993, Video, WDR
A series of filmed interviews with Rebecca Horn, performance artist, filmmaker and sculptress… whose work explores the themes of sexuality, human vulnerability and emotional fragility.

Kino Olympia, Vuorikatu 11.

TICKETS 10,- /or festivalpass

Ines TrikovicJAZZDUO Ines Trikovic, Croatia and the top JAZZpianist Mikael Jakobsson, Finland

Croatia’s award-winning jazz singer with Mikael Jakobson
Tickets 25,- / PASSPORT


The upcoming performance “To love is more difficult than to die”, in Hanko, Finland, will be a World Premiere, something you probably have not seen or imagined before.

This United Artists Project started in March 2009 another Vinko Prizmic endeavor paradoxically entitled My Happy Funeral. This undertaking has gathered and involved more than 888 artists from all 6 continents. My Happy Funeral (actually a series of many happy little funerals) is a light game of metaphysical enchantment about a poor poet still searching for the beauty of the unknown, still grappling with the question, ” Why do we die and how long will our death last?…”

Along with this exquisite voyage will be presented two magical machines, by French wizard of mechanical movements Gilbert Peyre.

Traveling to six continents carrying one’s own coffins is a wondrously daring tour… embarked upon to enlighten the living with the metaphysical concept of a divergent view of the end of life. It cannot be described as a theater piece, nor as a performance act. It cannot be embraced in any known art form because nobody ever has ever served as a traveling ambassador of the sensitive, emotional and painful subject of death.

“To love is more difficult than to die” is a world premier of a brazen attempt to cause one to look past the defined boundaries of discussing the inevitable.



SUNDAY 30.08.2015

11.00 – 14.00

The artist is PRESENT IN HANKO.

Annette Messager-Plaisirs/Deplaisirs“, 55′, 2001, ARTCOREFILM
The winner of the Golden Lion of the Venice Art Biennale 2005, the importance of Annette Messager keeps growing more and more…

Christian Boltanski – The lives of Christian Boltanski“, 52’, 2010, ARTE
Award-winning filmmaker and art critic
‘Christian Boltanski – The Lives of CB’

Bruce Nauman – Make Me Think“,  70’, 35mm, 1997, WDR/ARTE
Bruce Nauman – Make Me Think’
American artist Bruce Nauman (born 1941) is regarded as one of the most important artists working today.

Kino Olympia, Vuorikatu 11.

TICKETS: 10,- / or passport

Tjechovs monologer i Villa TellinaMonologues by Anton Chekhov: Seagull and the end of the Three Sisters



VILLA TELLINA, Appelgrenintie 1, Tickets: 15 ,- Villa Tellina

Taina Mäki-IsoTAINA MÄKI – ISO: haMEmo, klovning

What do we rememeber? How do we forget things? haMEmo is a performance about forgetting and remembering. Tapikka the Clown is busy contemplating the human life cycle and the wonders of her own existence while preparing for her own inevitable departure from this world. Tapikka bids farewell to everything she knows and loves.

haMEmo is written, directed, produced and performed by Taina Mäki-Iso. Light, sound and set design and photos: Mika Haaranen. Costume and set design: Elina Kolehmainen. Movement and co direction: Norman Taylor. Consultation of buto & choreography: Ken Mai

Two versions are available for haMEmo: one for old people ́s homes, kindergartens and schools and another one for the theatre stage. During 2015 haMEmo is in Touring Stage ́s repertoire of Finnish National Theatre (www.kiertuenayttamo.fi). The premiere of the theatre version was seen in February 2014 at the international womenclownfestival Red Pearl in Helsinki. Clown Tapikka visited also Mimefest in Czech last September.
haMEmo has been supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Arts Council of Uusimaa, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, and Circus Woltti.

TICKETS 15, – / 10, – / PASSPORTS (up to 6 years upwards.)

Mi Aleksandra GrönlundMI GRÖNLUND AND OLLI RAUTIAINEN: IVORY WOMAN – one woman show with accordion.

It is based on the story of Metamorphoses by Ovid.
It is a tragicomic role game of loneliness, needless diminution of oneself, and a new beginning. Ivory woman is dramatized, directed, produced and performed by actress Mi Aleksandra Grönlund. Musician Olli Rautianen plays accordion and trumpet.
Texts by: Anton Chekhov: The Seagull, Outi Nyytäjä: Free woman, Elisa Salo: The Great one who plays, Matti Rossi: If you love, Heli Laaksonen: The Death, There’s also the actor’s own texts: Melankolina and Augustina. The premier of the theatre version was seen in 2011 in The StageCLUB of The Finnish National Theatre. It was also in The NationalTheatre´s Touring Stage´s repertoire 2012 -2013 and same year it was seen in Stalon Festival, Kittilä and it visited in `Le Petit Festival du Theatre` in Dubrovnik. It is supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Jenny and Antti Wihuri´s foundation.

Town Hall / Tickets 15,- / OR FESTIVAL PASS


Restaurant Origo, OPEN STAGE: mm. Kristiina Halttu, Ines Trikovic, Mustat Silmät- Festival Orchestra, Vinko Prizmic, Taina Mäki – Iso…..

Origo’s Dinner AND EVENINGS PROGRAM 45, – / NOT PASS / seat reservation required. Only some open places.

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