20.30 h


Anne Vervarcke – Healthy children

Ever wondered why we rarely see a healthy child nowadays? Why we got used to reflux babies crying all the time from pain preventing them to sleep?

Anne Vervarcke

21.30 h


Love for next generations – Ognjen Ogi Jeremic & Shige Amano

Ognjen Ogi Jeremic & Shige Amano

22.00-22.15 h

Dance performance:

Cie Tsurukam – Kaori Suzuki and Sébastien Vuillot

Kaori Suzuki i Sébastien Vuillot

21.00 h


Jelena Popadic – Magical touches of glass

Jelena Popadic

22.00 h

Music and dance performance (flamenco):

Submerged Poetry – Ana Mejač Luka Ostrež, Voranc Boh, Ermin Tkalec, Aljosa Vrščaj, Vasya Štukelj, Pia Vatovec

Ana Mejač

20.00 h


Ian Hamilton – Art, artist, children and homeopathy – under the guise

Ian Hamilton

21.00 h

Dubrovnikvision song contest:

6 Children from different parts of Dubrovnik will represent Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Europe.

Zeljko children Dubrovnik

22.00 h

Musical performance:

Riosenti, a nomad music project with Latin America roots
Josue Avalos and Aline Novaro


21.30 h

Music project:

Shy Artist – Ana Čavlina and Tara Wilts

On the spectacular beach of Velik Zali (16 km north of Dubrovnik)

Tara Wilts is a Dutch/Serbian 18 year old singer-songwriter raised in Amsterdam. She plays mellow, acoustic (indie)folk accompanying you on a journey from her hometown to wherever your feet may take you next… With her music she tells us tales of the world around her. Her songs are inspired by nature, friendship, loss, love, and all things beautiful. Tara is working on her EP which will be released at the end of summer 2016.