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Coat of arms of Hanko, Finland

Le Petit Festival Hanko 2016, Finland

”Le Petit Festival, Vive L’Amour – Long live love!”

Mi Aleksandra Grönlund

Lets listen more artists and their works. As a human, the artist can be the purest form of the child and the purity of heart, frankness and sincerity. This is the soil of Le Petit Festival.

By listening at our own truth, we connect to people, because that truth is common… but not always easy to find.

We don’t make problems, we just find solutions.

– Mi Alexandra Grönlund, Finland

Le Petit Festival Hanko 2016

Hanko’s history is intertwined with the history of seafaring, and Hankoniemi as a berth was mentioned for the first time in the late thirteenth century. From the fifteenth century on, Pike’s Gut (Hauensuoli), a narrow strait between two islands, was used as a harbour. The rocks of the islands are covered with people’s names and coats of arms, carved by seamen while they waited for more favourable winds.

Le Petit Festival 2016 is celebrating “Love for the next Generation”
Le Petit Festival – Summer of The Lord 2016 – Anno Domino MMXV