Jori Tapio Kalliola art
Jori Tapio Kalliola art
I have died, because they stole my water!
Please help my brothers and sisters!
Water belongs to everybody who lives on our Mother Earth.
Water knows it…
Water is Life
Water is Love
Vive L’Amour!
This is the creation of Le Petit Festival’s Artist
“Peaceful Anarchist” alias Jori Tapio Kalliola

18 Festival Opening
International artists arrive in Hanko
Hotel Regatta, Torikatu 2

18.30 RED CARPET procession
The Red Carpet procession introduces world-class stars, politicians, artists and sports people. In honour of Finland’s 100th year celebrations, notable people from Finnish history are included. The public is welcome to participate. Pick your favourite mask and step on the red carpet. The masks are made by a renowned American designer Matthew Brill.
Street dance group Break Koreo (FINLAND) performs.
Hotel Regatta, Lounge bar Free entrance

20 Musicians ACO & TACA (JAPAN, FRANCE)
Japanese born musicians Aco (accordion, sing) and Taca (accordion, composer) performed together for the first time in Paris in 2015. The couple interprets old Japanese MINYO folk songs in a unique, jazz-influenced way. Their original music has won hearts everywhere.
Hanko Town Hall
Duration 60 mins. Tickets 15,-

The Hanko Town Hall has been converted into an art gallery!

Fumio Kawashima (Japan)
Shigeru Asano (Japan)
Niki Boden (Germany)
Ulf Saupe (Germany)
Jori Kalliola (Finland)
Vinko Prizmic (Croatia)
Titta Vilhunen (Finland)
Takuji Saito (Japan)
Kensuke Saito (Japan)
Ikuo Ichimori (Japan)
Yuriko Yamauchi (Japan)

Tickets to the expo 8,- / The evening ticket includes entrance to the exhibition. Exhibition is open throughout the festival.

Gustaf Broms (born 1961) is interested in the dualistic concept of “I”: in the reality of body and mind within the flow of worldly phenomena.
Hanko Town Hall
Tickets 15,- Ticket including all evening performances and events 25,-

The renowned Swedish visual artist Maline Casta introduces her unique artwork.
Regatta waterfront Free entrance

16.30 OPERA IN THE STREET, Ode to Water, Päivi Viitanen (FINLAND)
In front of the Town Hall Free entrance

17.30 Riosenti – Josue Avalos ja Aline Novaro (MEXICO, ARGENTINA)
The music of the Riosenti group springs from strong emotions, experiences and the musical tradition of the southeast part of Mexico, accompanied with guitar and jarana.
Hanko Town Hall foyer Tickets 10,- / Explore the Art Expo!


18.30 BREAK KOREO – street dance group’s (FINLAND) performance Break on the Orient Express
Award-winning dance group from Porvoo. Dance school Art Factory – Taidetehtaan tanssikoulu. Dancers: Miska Mykkänen, Oliver McLean and Roope Raittinen.
Hanko Town Hall Tickets to the Evening of Dance children under 12 yrs 15,- / adults 25,-

18.45 SAND. A dance piece by the young contemporary dancers from Hannele Soulasmaa’s dance school in Hanko (FINLAND). Choreographer Heidi Wahlman.

19.00 CONTEMPORARY DANCE Namiko Gahier Ogawa (FRANCE) and Margarita Papazoglou (GREECE) THE TAIL OF THE TONGUE – Diptych for two dancers
Namiko and Margarita enter the sphere of Philomela and Procne, a pitiless myth.
Hanko Town Hall Tickets to the Evening of Dance children 15,- / adults 25,-

20.30 Dancer-choreographer IMA IDUOZEE (FINLAND)
A highly distinguished Finnish dancer and choreographer visits Hanko in honour of Finland’s 100th year celebrations.
Hanko Town Hall Tickets to the Evening of Dance children 15,- / adults 25,-

21.30 Pianist Marija GRAZIO (CROATIA) “One love, one sea and the two cities”.
The great Croatian musician, artist and poet has created an atmospheric concert in honour of the 100-year-old Finland.
Hanko Town Hall Duration 60 mins. Tickets 20,-

22.30 100 cups of coffee for 100 years of Finland, Vinko Prizmic (CROATIA)
Photographs, poems, and musings about coffee and love… Introducing the world premiere of a theatre performance; “The saddest cup of coffee of my life”
Hanko Town Hall foyer Tickets 10,-

00.00 MANTRAPUSHPAM, Titta Vilhunen ja Meri Tiitola (FINLAND)
Ritualistic performance by two female artists. The central element is water – the source of life.
Regatta waterfront Free entrance

11.30 -14.30 VISUAL ART WORKSHOP for kids.
Art Pedagogues Annika Lintervo and Inka Yli-Tepsa
In front of the Town Hall Free entrance.

15 The Happy Prince, Puppet Theatre Centre BUOY, Miina Turunen (FINLAND)

The Happy Prince is a beloved classic by Oscar Wilde, who wrote the story for his sons in 1888.

Hanko Town Hall Duration: approx. 35 min. Tickets 10,- / 15,- / family of 2+2 45,-
Age recommendation: over 4 yrs

Contemporary Dance Workshop for young dancers in Hanko 21.-25.8.
Lead by dancer-choreographer Namiko Gahier Ogawa (FRANCE)
Mon-Thu 15.30 – 17.30, Fri 14.30 – 16.30

Dancers and musicians in the streets of Hanko during the festival.

20 Art films on Gustafsvärn island
Artistic coordinators Ilkka Rautio and Sampsa Laurinen (FINLAND)

The official festival photographers ZELJKO TUTNJEVIC (CROATIA), ‘The eye of Dubrovnik’ and a beloved personality, who has been photographing the Le Petit Festival and its artists since 2005, and Tuukka Ervasti, a travelling cosmopolite.

Jelena Popadic is an independent artist, designer, teacher, active in the fields of Art Culture and Education.

Tanja Lahti, Costume designer