Two paintings she shows at this exhibition in Dubrovnik, are made with the technique of Flamand paintings. She made herself the colours from the powder of minerals, and she has painted many times very thin coats of colours on each centimeter of this unusual canvases.

Théâtre of Nô, uses the mask which one can see on these paintings, the person represents the purity, the innocent girl.

In those years of her exhibitions in Japan A-Tan always works with themes: the sky and clouds, one small wildflower, and the last one was the small size of oil painting with one eye…

She is multi-artist.
She does paintings, ceramic, and she also makes the original one of a kind costume from the fabric of old Kimono, she translates from French to Japanese, she writes some children’s stories using her illustrations, and she sings French chansons in French!

So, she enjoys her life in different ways.
“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. So I do myself… being constantly the happy and busy woman.”

E: a24mta44n@gmail.com