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Healthy children

Ever wondered why we rarely see a healthy child nowadays? Why we got used to reflux babies crying all the time from pain preventing them to sleep? Why we think it is normal a baby coughs and wheezes to catch its very breath? Why it comes down with Rota virus diarrhea or pneumonia and end up in a hospital on a drip? Why 30 % of toddlers display behavior disturbances, PSSNOD, allergies, chronic inflammation? Why many schoolchildren have learning disorders, and take drugs on a daily basis which prepare them for ‘recreational’ hard drugs once they are teenagers?

Don’t you think it is heartbreaking that babies, only a few months old, are given in the hands of professional care takers by their mothers who can’t afford to do it themselves? And what about these pale children, with blue shadows under their eyes, eating sweets and junk all day, glued to their screens from the first year of their lives, and basically utterly bored? Freud taught us the foundation of our psyche is built the first four years of our live…

Do we even remember how a healthy child looks like? Do we have to travel to ‘underdeveloped countries’ to see these smiling, dancing, singing children, bursting with vitality and joy? What do they have that we’ve lost?
Is there no way back? Or maybe better: a way out? Can we raise healthy children in a sick society?

I’d say: yes, we can!
…but it will take some courage, pioneer spirit and a sniff of anarchy.

Anne Vervarcke at Le Petit Festival 2014

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