Atsuko Yamamoto

A contemporary artist with a background in embroidery.

She graduated from the University of London, Goldsmiths College postgraduate course of textile and embroidery in 1980. She is from Kobe, where she was born and living until the earthquake of 1995, then she moved to Tokyo.

Known as a contemporary artist in the home and foreign countries due to her magnificent skill in the embroidery.

Atsuko Yamamoto, as she started to work with embroidery, very often with silk, cotton, but she had some exhibitions with stones, papers, feathers. When the inspiration arrives, she uses every material without any limitation.
I do not just want to embroid, but I want you to create so that you too can feel the intense joy that I experience in being here. My inspiration is my teacher. All small details of my creations become my friends. The colors, textures, and light are so fierce and warm to the soul.

Every piece I create captures a part of my life, and I am honored to share them with you.

She has her exhibitions very regularly in Japan, but she is also teaching at some universities.