Ayser Vançin
Ayser Vançin

A musical show by the duo Mathieu Chardet – Ayser Vançin

Mathieu Chardet, voice and guitar,
Ayser Vançin, oboe, piano and compositions

Sometimes man sings to elevate himself, other times to immerse inside himself, more often than not without knowing the reason why. In all cases he gives it his full heart and soul.

The songs of this program go throughout the time:
Past – Future – Present, memories, hopes and present feelings.

With time, memories fade away, and at times wake up. In our hearts germinates hope for a better life and we enjoy the present. Time passes and erases memories and songs of which only remains an immortal chorus.
From the silver dawn of a transparent morning, to the coppery twilight of a tormented sky, crossing all the hues of our passions, our sorrows and hopes.

Ayser Vançin’s music is inspired by the subtle perfumes of oriental and western cultures. It offers us a personal reading of the poets of all times. Ayser Vançin and Mathieu Chardet received “The Best music prize” in Morocco at the Zagora International Theatre Festival in 2017.