Debbie Mulholland Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

This will be Debbie’s third year working with the kids of Dubrovnik. She is in love with this festival and thrilled to be returning again. The children and Deb come together with the idea of a story that they then write together in a workshop situation over 5 days. A show where Debbie will present a celebration of text, physical, visual, dance and music coming together, created through improvisation and the idea’s of the children. Devising theatre together.

A teacher, comedian and improviser

Debbie Mulholland is a renowned director and teacher with more than 35 years of physical, devising and text based theatre. She studied in London and at the famous Jacques Lecoq school in Paris. She is a comedian and improvisor and runs her own school in Amsterdam where she teaches film and theatre acting. She creates performance pieces for festivals and the corporate world. Object theatre, shadow play, projection, visual and physical theatre.

Debbie Mulholland

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