Hiroshi Nagao (craft of wood)
Hiroshi Nagao (craft of wood)

Hiroshi Nagao (craft of wood)

He studied at Art University in Osaka, Industrial Design. After working as the industrial designer of lighting section, he opened his atelier shop in Kyoto.

A small village in Kyoto, the ancient town with the covered hull of nature, that was a school before, but there were not enough children anymore, the school was closed.

He came to this old school as the first one, to open his workshop and cafe shop for the weekend. Today, many artisans came to join him and became a unique village, and people from all over the world are visiting it. In this atelier, he works to make every kind of craft, but always with wood as the material.

Hiroshi Nagao

Wood is his love, every piece is unique, and has his character and his charm.

“Since we use LED lamps everywhere in the world, our planet has became very light.
Too much brightness everywhere, no place with a darkness, a Nature is suffering.
We are afraid that some species of plants and animals become extinct.
In Japan, we are going to have more enlightenment in our life.
Today we live under the artificial conditions, as it is natural.
We use a lamp to have a light, but I want to try to decrease the brightness, less and less, until some new dimension emerges.
The light gives its best when you have a right balance between darkness and illumination.”

As you see he always challenges his imagination.

He wants that his challenge becomes your challenge too.

Hiroshi Nagao

Hiroshi Nagao