Jelena Popadic
Jelena Popadic

Artist ◊ Designer ◊ Teacher

Date of birth: 10-18-1964, in former Yugoslavija
Living and working in Amsterdam since 1984.

1985/1991 Contemporary art & design, (HBO) – Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1985/1987 Department of Graphics and painting .
1987/1991 Department of Glass forming .

1991-Start ’91 / Karel Aalbers Design prize / Centraal Beheer Holding NV/Apeldoorn/Netherands.
Winner of the First design prize from 350 graduating bachelors from all art and design schools in Netherlands.
1995-Bernardine de Neeve price 1995/Contemporary Dutch art in glass, nomination for the top 5 artists. /Netherlands.
2001-Golden egg prize /Breath Crystal dance film by Ruth Meyer/Short film festival in Gorinchem /Netherlands.
2016/WAG 2016-Montenegro winner of the gold medal – glass work “Inventing the time”.

-National Glass museum Leerdam /Netherlands.
-Glass museum Ernisting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding, Ceusfeld-Lette /Germany.
-Museum für modernes Glas, Öhringen /Germany.
-Musee-atelier du verre in Sars Poteries, /France.
-Glass Collection of glass factory Rona Crystal in Lednicke Rovne /Slovakia and Museum in Bratislava/Slovakia.
-Royal leerdam crystal collection – (glass factory in Leerdam) /Netherlands.
-VSB bank Art Collection /Haarlem /Netherlands.
-World Art Games -Montenegro art collection, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Jelena Popadic

1994 – “Glass in perspective” workshop with Vladimir Kopecky (professor at the Art academy of Prague) Groeneveld Almelo, Netherlands.
2000-International Glass Symposium organized by Association of Slovak Glass Artists and LR Crystal in Lednické Rovne, Slovakia.
(Symposium gives support to the European glass scene and contemporary glass art in Europe).
2001-International Glass Symposium /organised by MECCA in Terezin, Czech Republic.

-BNO / Dutch designer’s association/
-FRIENDS OF MODERN GLASS / artist and collectors association /
-CLUB OF AMSTERDAM /independent, international future-orientated think tank involved in channelling preferred futures
-CAPITAL D / Design Cooperation Brain port.
-MEDIAMATIC FOUNDATION/cultural institution/
-NABK / Dutch Artists association /
-BBK / Dutch Artists association /

2000/2 IKA – Coordinator and teacher in the Glass department, supervisor of the education program for 5 years BA and 2 years MA studies -Institute for art and craft in Mechelen /Belgium .
2003 /Glass Medium in Arts & Design / lectures and presentations at:
-Faculty of Applied Arts in Beograd /Serbia.
-Faculty of Fine Arts in Beograd/Serbia.
-Academy of Free Arts in Novi-Sad /Serbia.
-2005/14 /Pier K in Hoofddorp /Netherlands
Lectures and workshops for children and adults (glass, painting, theatre décor)
-1993-2005 Pfan /glass company in Hilverson /Netherlands
(Lectures and workshops with glass, “pate de verre” (fusing and glass forming techniques.)
-2012 /16 “Master classes in Art” lectures and workshops for the students of Weekend school/collaboration with Future for life institute and Glass Museum-glass canter in Leerdam / Netherlands(Glass in the History of art, design and architecture/ making designs/ glassblowing with the masters glassblowers in Leerdam.
-2014 “My work in relation with nature” (presentation of my work) Assignment of International Glass Art fare in Leerdam / Netherlands.
-2016 WAG 2016 – (Art conference) lecture and presentation “Dutch contemporary Art in Glass“and authonom and collaborating art projects by Jelena Popadic (1991-2016) Sutomore, Montenegro
-2016 Le Petit Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Lecture and presentation “Dutch contemporary Art in Glass and development of the glass department of G. Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (focus on the years 1984-2016)

-2001/ Design of the Glass Art Fare object of the year /collector’s item (350 items) commissioned by the organisation of the Glass Art fair, Leerdam /Netherlands.
-2005/ Design of the Orange vessel for Prince Bernard’s Funds- collector’s item (250 items), commissioned by Glass museum in Leerdam and Royal Leerdam Crystal/Netherlands.
-2005/ Design for Orange vessel ORANJE VAASJES- Zilveren Jubilee “/collector’s item (1000 items), the vessel made for the occasion of the silver anniversary of the reign of Queen Beatrix/ Design commissioned by Glass museum in Leerdam and Royal Leerdam Crystal/Netherlands
-2005 /Design of for unique “Orange vessels” /Design commissioned by National Glass Museum in Leerdam /Netherlands
-2005 Siem & Friends’ Design of the unique pieces of work for the exhibition and book publication commissioned by Royal Leerdam Kristal/ Netherlands
-2006/ Design of the object of the year/collector’s item. Limited edition (250 items) “Glass in Historic Light, Horn Castle, and International glass manifestation” Hoorn /Netherlands
-2014 “My work in relation with nature” presentation and Art installation “Rain Forest”. Assignment of International Glass art fare in Leerdam /Netherlands

-1999/BITTERZUT/a film by Johan Simons based on a scenario of Dennis Potter. Glass objects by Jelena Popadic and Liza Gherrardi.Screenplay by theatre group ’Hollandia’, production: Luwte film -Netherlands
-1999/2000 BREATH CRYSTAL/ a short dance film by Ruth Meyer, based on a poem of Paul Celan, shot on the Turtman Glacier/ production: Scarabee Film productions -Netherlands/ dance: Michael Shoemaker / art objects and installation made by Jelena Popadic,
-2000/2001: ‘IN MY MIDDLE/ dance, choreography and stage play by Nicola Hepp /Production: Studio Danswerkplaats Amsterdam-Netherlands /glass set (décor) by Jelena Popadic
-2002/ EQUILIBRIUM short film by Ruth Meyer production: Carmen Cobos & Ryninks films-NL Starring skater and dancer Marco Geris -Stichting ISH/ glass installations by Jelena Popadic
-2010/LIFE FORM /short film- collaboration with Film Academy Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1991 /2013 Design and realisation of stage stenography for dance theatre and opera productions via Companions in Amsterdam and Showtex in Soest /Formal Bÿne & Zoonen B.V. Bussum /Netherlands.
-2001 Founder of ‘’ association of Dutch artists working with glass.
-2001 Organisations of exhibition/ Esher’s building-Gemeentearchief Amsterdam Exhibition was American Glass Art Society conference (GAS) in Amsterdam/Netherlands
-2001/2004 organizing international group exhibition on yearly bases for the glass fair in Leerdam/Netherlands
– Exhibition of BA graduates from IKA /Mechelen/Belgium.
– Exhibition of Rumenian Glass artists
– Exhibition “Five strange women” female group of international artists working with glass, living in Netherlands.
-2003/2006 Supervising Lamp-fall Foundation and Lamp-fall African Art Gallery in Amsterdam. / NL
Jury member of the Art and Culture Prize ‘‘Glass in historical light’ cultural manifestation in the Castle Hoorn, Netherlands
The members of the jury: M.J.A. Van der Hoeven, minister of science education and culture/Piet Augustijn- journalist and curator/Stella Laumans-cultural attorny/Lei Hendrix-from Stichting Art and Culture Hoorn/Karolina van Diest- curator/Jelena Popadic-artist, designer, teacher.
-2004/2006 producing art work of Berend Strik (textile, photography, collages)
-2006“Leer Africa te begrijpen:” making Installation within the installation “”faces of African tribes’” Berend Strik and Magazijn van de Verbeelding” Museum CODA, Apeldoorn /Netherlands.
-2011/” / producing textile Interior Art work for project: Kroumhout Kazerne. Utrecht, Netherlands. (Interior design by Petra Blaisse founder and owner of the company inside-outside
/assignments via
-2012/Organizing and curetting a group exhibition during Dutch Design week in Eindhoven /NL
-2015 Initiating and curetting a group exhibition “glass”
In the former handles blad complxe gebouw in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
-2016 / “To fly away” Dance Art film by video Artists Ewout van Roon (Glass objects, improvised acting and dance) This film is going to be submitted to the program jury of the Cine dams festival in Amsterdam in 2017.

-2016/17 “Oasis’ remember-Flight .One documentary-dance film, one art project by Ruth Meyer.

-2006“Barlock Party, the Days After/Barlock design -The Hague /NL
Participation to Charity/glass art work for the food bank auction)
-2006/2012 “Spot & Dot” vessel for Africa / DWI auction 2012
-2011 /Spot & Doth / design of a glass vessel /auction of the work for Fukushima victims in Japan
-2011/don’t forget Gaza/ Collector’s item / design for a ceramic Art- tiles /collector item
-2012/ Jubilee of 5 years HI 5/ Collector’s item / design for a ceramic Art- tiles /collector item
-2012/FunX Heart of Glass /glass object-collector’s item/ made for the youths radio /


1993- Moderne Nederlandse Glaskunst 1900-1992.
Publisher: Stichting friends of modern glass and Antiek Lochem BV/Netherlands.
1997 “Une saison Hollandaise’’
Publisher: Musée-Atelier du verre -Sars Poteries. France
1997 – “Contrasten in Glas” Publisher: Publisher: Goricums Museum, Netherlands
2002- “My Dutch Design” 2002-2003”
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2004- “My Dutch Design” 2004-2005” Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2006 -“My Dutch Design 2006-2007”
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers/Netherlands
2006 -“Sim & Friends”
Publisher: Royal Leerdam Cryistal/Netherlands
2006- “De Glazen Eeuw/the Glass Age”A series of seven books are published in combination with a glass event: Meesterlijk vormgeven – 20 years designing for Royal Leerdam. Publisher: Society of Friends of modern glass art/NL
2006 -“New Guard & Young Fellows the in-between generations of studio glass artists.
Publisher: Society of Friends of modern glass art, Netherlands
2008 -“Vrije Vormgeving Boek”Publisher:BNO,Netherlands
2008 -“My Dutch Design 2008-2009 /10 year jubilee book.
Publisher: BNO and BIS Publishers. Netherlands
2009- “GLASS Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1969-2009”.
Publisher: Wanders uitgevers, Zwolle and Gemeente Museum Den Haag/Netherlands.
2015 ‘Cohens Choice” /Collaboration between NABK and mister Cohen/Netherlands.Publisher NABK, Netherlands
2015 “A New collectors Book” NYC / Publisher: Basak Malone NYC/USA
2016 “We Hatte Das Gedacht!” Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding-Glasdepot Holtingshof/ Deutchland
Publisher: Ernsting stiftung- Alter Hof Herding, Duitchland

1995/ Bernadine de Neeve Prijs from/ Publisher: Friends of Modern Glass
1998/ Ernsting Stichting Glas Museum Alter Hof Herding” acquisition 1998/1999 Publisher: Museum Alter Hof Herding /DE
2001/ Glass bulletin – Friends of Modern Glass nr. 3
2002/Glass bulletin – Friends of Modern Glas nr. 2
2003/ Glass bulletin – Friends of Modern Glass nr. 3
2005 Glass Art fair Leerdam, Publisher: GAF-Leerdam
2011 Glass is more-Glass is hot / DDW/ Eindhoven
Publisher: Angela van der Burgh
2000-2014 GKBI, Publication on the yearly bases. Publisher: International Glass art faire Leerdam/NL
2013 Black and White / Publisher: Goricums Museum,Nl
2014 Poetry and glass/ Glasrijk Tubbergen 2014
2015 Kunstenaars Jaarboek 2015/ NABK
2016 Ernsting Sticftung -Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding” acquisition
2016 Catalouge ofWAG-2016,Montenegro2016/WAG 2016-Montenegro
2016-Catalouge of Galerie nummer 40,Nl

1991 Elle Wonen nr. 1
1995 Avenue jaargang 2 nr. 4
1996 Art & Value nr. 3
1999 Glas, aardewerk, porselein, kristal Jaargang 2 nr. 2
2000 KM nr. 33
2000 This Side up nr. 11
2000 Kunstwerk jaargang 12 nr. 2
2001 This Side up nr. 14
2001 Glasshouse nr. 3
2002 Art-nl jaargang 3 nr. 3
2005 Louter Glas februari
2005 Louter Glas juni
2013 Foezz – Glas magazine / Friends of modern glass.

NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION: (look for all older publications!)
2014: Algemeen Dagblad / “Rainforest” Ambient Glass Art Installation / glass at fair in Leerdam)


-Start 91/First design prize from all graduate Art-design students in Netherlands – Apeldoorn (NL)

-Relbroeck Art Agency Holland – Amsterdam (NL)
-Rob Arts – Harlem (NL)
-Bragiotti Gallery – Amsterdam (NL)

-Douwes Dekker Gallery – Utrecht (NL)
-Gemeentelijke Kunstruimte – Heerenveen (NL)
-Stedelijk Museum/“Parameters”-Amsterdam(NL)
-K.I.S Artful Facilities-Amsterdam (NL)
-Herenhuisgalerie – Enkhuizen (NL)
-Gooijer Fine Art International-Duisburg(NL)

-Holland Fair (G.F.A.I-Utrecht (NL)
-Gooijer Fine Art International-Duisburg (NL)
-Groeneveld Almelo/“Glass in perspective –Almelo (NL)

-Frans Hals Museum “Narcisses & Glass” – Haarlem (NL)
-Holland Art Fair – Den Haag (NL)

S.B.K./“Glass on tour in Gelderland” –Arnhem (NL)
-Museum Van der Togt, Bernardine de Neeve-prize –Amstelveen(NL)

-Hotel Hilton “Avenida Azzurra”-Amsterdam (NL)
-Zwolse Algemene- Nieuwegein (NL)
-Gooijer Fine art Inter national “Shimmering Late Summer” Duisburg (NL)
-Galerie Kuiper -Nieuw Roden (NL)
-Nationaal Glasmuseum “Glass from the Rietveld” – Leerdam (NL)

-Goricums Museum /“Contrast in Glass”-Gorinchem (NL)
-Beurs van Berlage /“Rietveld to the Stock Exchange”-Amsterdam(NL)
-Musée-Atelier du verre / “Une saison Hollandaise’’ Sars Poteries (F)
-Galerie Arté-Fac/“Contemporary artists from The Netherlands and Flanders” Brussels (BE)

-Hotel Hilton / Art in Time (Art-vice)-Amsterdam (NL)
-Glass Fair-Hoogeveen (NL)
-Ernisting Stiftung Alter Hof Herding (First acquisitions)-Coesfeld-Lette (DE)

-Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam Unica,’object ’98 Institute crystal superiour ‘Leerdam-Leerdam (NL)
-Glasbeurs (via galerie Atra)- Leerdam(NL)
-Glas manifestkation / exhibition /Glasrijk Tubbergen” -Tubbergen (NL)
-Galerie Mariske Dirkx – Roermond (NL)
-Galerie Artra Nieuw – Vennep (NL)
-Museum Van der Togt – Amstelveen (NL)

-Galerie Yorash -Valkenburg a/d Geul (NL)
-Beurs van Berlage/“Rietveld to the Stock Exchange” Ultimo Products” –Amsterdam (NL)
-“Glass in historical light”-Hoorn (NL)
-Communauté de communes de l’orthus‘’Verrerie d’art’’-Claret (France)
-Exhibition /Workshops and Symposium-Lednické Rovne (Slovakia)
-Galerie LKV Leidschendam
-ST. .Joseph Galerie -Leeuwarden(NL)
-Cultureel Centrum “ Het Dok”/“Glass Art Fair Leerdam” -Leerdam(NL)

-Galerie ‘L’éclat du verre’ –Paris (F)
-Galerie Kuiper‘Rietveld Glass’-Nieuw Roden (NL)
-Beurs van Berlage‘Rietveld to the Stock Exchange’ -Amsterdam(NL)
-Art – RAI Amsterdam Galerie Maas -Amsterdam(NL)
-Castle Horn/Glass in historic light -Horn (NL)
-Glass Symposium & Exhibition Terezin (CH)
-Artists solo exhibition and Object of the year-Design by Royal Leerdam–Leerdam (NL)
-FLACC- Centre For arts and sculptures/‘Bruikbaar en Breekbaar’An exhibition of applied glass from The Netherlands and Flanders, Genk (BE)

-Gemeente archief ‘Contemporary Art in Glass’ / -Amsterdam (NL)
-Arti and Amicitiae/‘Rietveld Academy Glass Exhibition’-Amsterdam
-Galerie Arte Vista-Badhoevedorp(NL)
-Beurs van Berlage /‘Rietveld at the Stock Exchange’-Amsterdam(NL)
-Glass Pyramid Gallery -Budapest (Hungary)
-Gallery Artra “Multiple Exhibition “-Nieuwe Vennep (NL)

-Beurs van Berlage ‘Rietveld at the stock exchange –Amsterdam (NL)
-De Kopermolen Vaals ‘Glass Art from Rietveld Academy’-Vaals (NL)
-New&Meer/ Open Studio’s’-Amsterdam (NL)
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-Glass Art Fair Leerdam /Five “strange” Women -Leerdam (NL)

-BNO /Vrij vormgevers-Amsterdam (NL)
-St .Joseph Galerie-Leeuwarden (NL)

-National Glasmuseum / Presentation of Oranjevaasjes-Leerdam (NL)
-National Glasmuseum” Leerdam in bloei en Maria Blaisse – Luie glazen” – Leerdam(NL)
-National Glasmuseum “spring and Summer Exhibition” -Leerdam (NL)
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-Museum Jan van der Togt “The old guard and the young fellows” -Amstelveen (NL)
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-Gemeentemuseum Den Haag / Biënnale Kijkduin 2009/ And Southern Sea –Museum-Den Haag(NL)
-Stichting Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam-Leerdam(NL)
-Internationale Glaskunstbeurs, Leerdam-Lerdam (NL)

-Stichting Nationaal Glasmuseum Leerdam –Leerdam (NL) — – Internationale Glaskunstbeusr, Leerdam – Leerdam (NL)

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-Internationale Glas kunst Beurs Leerdam-Leerdam (NL)
-Dutch Design Week “Glass” -Eindhoven (NL)

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-Affordable Art Fair (via Galerie nummer 40) -Amsterdam (NL)
-Galerie nummer 40-Doetinchem (NL)

-Affordable Art Fair (via: Galerie nummer40) -Amsterdam (NL)
-Amsterdam makersfestiva -Amsterdam (NL)
-Glasrijktoebbergen -Tubbergen (NL)
Internationale Glaskunst Beurs Leerdam/”RAIN FOREST” Ambient Art Installation -Leerdam (NL)
“Dutch Glass” Glass Museum Immenhausen -Immenhausen (Germany) — — -Affordable Art Fair London /Galerie nummer 40-London (England)
-Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg (via Galerie nummer 40)-Hamburg (Germany)
-Glasrijk Tubbergen “Poetry in glass ” -Tubbergen (NL)

-Home Of Art (pop up gallery)-Amsterdam (NL)
-Gallery mummer 40- Dutinchem (NL)
-International glass art fair, leerdam, (NL) NRC building in Amsterdam (NL)

-2015/16 Kunst factor –Lochem (NL)
-Mini shopping canter – ontverpen tentoonsteling , Amsterdam (NL)

-WAG / World Art Games 2016–exhibition during the conference.
-Podgorica and Sutomore (Montenegro)

-2016 / “We Hatte Das Gedacht!”Exhibition in the occasion of 20 year jubilee of the Glass Museum Alter Hof Herding-Ernsting Stiftung (DE)

-2017 affordable art fair in Paris ,Galerie nummer 40
2016/WAG 2016-Montenegro

Jelena Popadic

Atelier: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwaal 230 a, RR 1012 Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Post address: Conradstraat 105, 1018 NE Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)20-6249535 / +31 (0)6 81345990.