Margarita Papazoglou
Margarita Papazoglou

Born in 1975 ◊ Dancer & Choreographer ◊ Based in Paris

Margarita Papazoglou, (France/Greece) uses contemporary and buto dance techniques, performance and interdisciplinary forms. A major part of her work is rooted in the comprehension of contemporary music and in the instant composition process.

Specifically, she has a long collaboration story with the composers and improvisers Frank Gratkowski, Benjamin Weidekamp and Claude Parle, in Germany Greece and France.

Graduated in Literature and Philosophy, she still likes to go through philosophic issues, linked into body experiences. She created about 15 solo, duet and group pieces in different European festivals.

She’s leading an improvisation class at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris since 2010 and, from 2013 to 2016, she has been directing the international platform Instant-Pudding for supporting Instant-composition productions and network.


THE TAIL OF THE TONGUE – Diptych for two dancers

“Her tongue’s root was left quivering, while the rest of it lay on the dark soil, vibrating and trembling, and, as though it were the tail of a mutilated snake moving, it writhed, as if, in dying, it was searching for some sign of her.”

– Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book VI –

Namiko and Margarita enter the sphere of Philomela and Procne, a pitiless myth. The sisters dive into an hermetic darkness, dilate space, searching for the swift air.
Where can the words emerge?

The credits for the music:

Bien Mental — João Camões, Jean-Marc Foussat, Claude Parle, released date 2015
Eldfjall — Jacob Kirkegaard, released date 2005
On Lachrimae — by Kostas Makrygiannakis & Theofilos Sotiriades, released date 2015
Flow, my tears — John Dowland, sung by Andreas Scholl.

Music design: Marguerite Papazoglou


THE TAIL OF THE TONGUE (Kielen häntä) – kahden tanssijan diptyykki

“Kun tynkä vilkkuu vielä, sen pää mutisee vavahdellen jo maassa: niin kuin mutruilee yhä käärmeen lähtenyt häntä, sätkien kuollessaan emäntänsä se jälkiä etsii.”

– Ovidiuksen Muodonmuutoksia, Kuudes kirja –

Namiko ja Margarita astuvat Philomelan ja Procnen piiriin, armottomaan jumalaistaruun. Siskokset sukeltavat hermeettiseen pimeyteen, laajentuneeseen tilaan, etsiessään vikkelää ilmaa. Mistä voivat sanat ilmaantua?


Margarita Papazoglou
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