The pioneer of audio visual worldtronica and singer Omid Shirazy is bringing live electronic to a new dimension

mr Shirazy le petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

After years of audiovisual performances on stages between Moscow, Berlin and Barcelona, Mr. Shirazy is going for a new step. The multi-instrumentalist and visual artist has not only being creating his own vocalstyle, but also inventing his new audiovisual looping instrument “FREEAK”.

This is not a “common” music event: Thanks to “Freeak”, Mr. Shirazy can play solo as an orchestra or a band, allowing the audience to enjoy the “act” of playing, composing and improvising music at once, as it happens on the stage.

At his stunning shows Mr. Shirazy is often accompanied by “The Exile Orchestra”

Mr. Shirazy + the Exile Orchestra -OCEAN - Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

The Exile Orchestra is a collective of excellent live instrumentalists and visual artists. In an uninterrupted show, Mr. Shirazy and The Exile Orchestra perform an exciting set mixed of concert and dj-set, interacting with the audience with sounds and emotions from all over the world. The Exile Orchestra is an open network of musicians and visual artists around Mr. Shirazy from all over the world. Based in Cologne/Germany we work on a huge range of audio-visual projects.

Meet the artists

BODEK JANKE (drums, percussion)

Bodek is one of the most wanted percussion players worldwide! He already played on countless recordings and projects, from jazz to worldmusic, from rock to electronic; there is literally no genre, where Bodek is not at home. Born in Poland, with roots in Kasachstan and Russia, he studied drums and composition in Cologne/Germany, before he went for a “Master of Arts” in New York and an intense tabla-study with Pandit Samir Chatterjee (Calcuta). Listen to Bodek on our recent released album OCEAN or enjoy his play on one of our upcoming shows!


The trained fotographer and camerawoman approached this topic already in her early childhood. Later she discovered the possibilities of digital image processing and developed her own style. Gilioux teamed up with Omid 10 years ago for first audiovisual projects and has been rocking the stage with Mr. Shirazy from the very first concerts as a VJane and visual-artist; also designing and photographing the booklets of our albums.

JOSUÉ AVALOS (guitars, vocals)

He is living in Cologne since 2001. By the age of 14 the guitar became his constant companion. He participated in the Bands “Antara” and “Tanguyú”. Influenced by Latin American folklore and la nueva trova he produced his first self-penned compositions. Later Josué had various opportunities to experiment with electronic music, to play with Roma and to participate in various ensembles in which Latin American music got mixed with other genres. Now he is working on his second solo album.


As a child Armin already gained musical experiences through lessons by his father. 1997 he began his professional career as a bassist. 2004 Armin left the Iran to live in Germany, where he is participating in various projects on stage and in studios, both in Germany and foreign countries. 2006 he won the Creole NRW price with “Tapesh 2012”. Since 2007 he is a member of “The Exile Orchestra“.

Mr. Shirazy & The Exile Orchestra