Noriko Mizokawa
Noriko Mizokawa

To take her freedom someday, by herself.
She exclaimes «  Liberté, Liberté, Liberté ».

Noriko Mizokawa is a young Japanese artist who lives in Paris since 2004. Her subject of the painting is always the feminine nude. She marries a calligraphic abstraction with a dynamic representation of the body. She continues her fight for the state of being free from the control or power of another.

She was born in Kobe, and she started to study calligraphy and painting as the very young child. At the University of Kobe, she studied painting and came to Paris in 2004.
Since 2004, she exhibits at the art galleries or museums in Europe, USA and in Japan.
Noriko Mizokawa will expose at Dubrovnik, a huge and dynamic painting.
This painting was hanging at Grand Palais in Paris, Ashiya Shrine in Kobe, Japan, and for the 3rd city this time it will be exhibited at Dubrovnik in Croatia.
This painting’s title is « Liberty, Liberty, Liberty »
A blindfolded woman, without the arms, and tied feet…
In this condition, she cannot do anything by herself; her freedom has run away…
But she doesn’t give up, she has enough strength and hopes to continue her fight.

Noriko Mizokawa

Noriko Mizokawa