Päivi Kangas
Päivi Kangas

Performer: Päivi Kangas
Original direction: Susanna Airaksinen

The woman grubs and criticizes her neighbor’s garbage, writes letters to Marilyn Monroe and Andrei Tarkovski. The performance regards lonely nutcases, difficult characters, those who shouts to the people through the windows of their homes. How much forgotten dreams fit into a small block of flats.
“A zone is a zone, a zone is a life through which a person either breaks or copes. If man can cope, it depends on his amour-propre.” Andrei Tarkovsky.

The presentation is based on the texts of the following authors: Tua Forsström, Andrej Tarkovsky, Bo Carpelan, Anja Erämaja, Anna-Maria Mattila, Helena Sinervo and Sirkka Turkka.

Päivi Kangas, photo: Susanna Tiainen