Shigeru Asano

Shigeru Asano lost his parents early in his life. This personal tragedy created his desire to leave the mark of his existence for posterity. His artistic talent surfaced at a very young age. Shigeru settled in Paris in 1979, where his dream was soon a reality. It was before finishing his studies in Tokyo that he discovered painting.

Shigeru Asano

One day, in Paris, when he was painting on the street, a photographer showed him a picture in his camera. Upon seeing that particular image, he saw in his mind’s eye an exciting new, and different pictoral method.

He says this new discovery was the birth of photographer Shigeru Asano. His photographs are very diversified as he shoots for magazines, and advertising.

However, his true passion is akin to capturing that moment after the rain… the reflection of the landscape in the puddle that the rain left behind. This answers many desired conditions such as water like a mirror, lighting, no obstacles, and the perfect angle to see the target objects reflected in the water.

Since he lives in Paris, his work depicts Europe. Some of his images are purchased by the French museum, such as Bibliotheque National de Paris, and Carnavaret Museum. For the first time in thirty-seven years, in 2016, Shigeru Asano returned to Japan for his one-man exhibition in Tokyo.

After so many years, the place he knew so well changed so much that he felt somewhat of a foreigner. However, Japan did not forget him as his showing was very successful. Shigeru has plans to exhibit his works, yet again, in Japan. Come see this exciting, and inspiring talent in Dubrovnik, Croatia at the enchanting cultural revelry Le Petit Festival, June 2018.

Shigeru Asano