“The waters are the essence of essences.”

This performance is a ritual made by two finnish women artists.
The main and central element is water – source of life.
Performance is ecological statement for the body of water and essence of sea.
A ritual is lead by indian mantra about water as a life.

In this performance Mantrapushpam mantra is happening in the sea. It is bringing together and combining physical and visual elements, voices and movements of the performers and power of the Adriatic Sea and Baltic Sea as well. Sea is a temple where this ritual is happening and catch is what sea is giving.

This mantra which is repeated is a part of Vedic tradition: water as a form of voice.
In Vedic culture water and voice are sacred and the most important elements in all rituals. Water is purifying and mantra is a way to Gods.
In this performance mantra is a narrative bridge from past to present.

Both artists are representing movements and voices together.
Titta Vilhunen is responding about visual elements and Meri Tiitola has designed world of sounds and voices.

Presentation is 25 minutes.
Set is a beach of Adriatic Sea and beach of Baltic Sea.
It includes wire fish-trap, crayfish-trap, and lots of sandals and flip-flops.

Titta Vilhunen, visual artist and set designer

Meri Tiitola, musician


MERI TIITOLA (born in 1973, Finland)

Meri Tiitola is a folk singer and yoga teacher.
Meri is graduated from Sibelius-Academy in 2003 and has been working as a singing teacher and artist. She has got a vast knowledge of finnish folk music but lately her focus has been in free-improvisation.
From year 2011 on, Meri has been studying Vedic mantra chanting with indian teachers. She is especially interested in mantra meditation and the relationship between human voice and consciousness.

TITTA VILHUNEN (born in 1966, Finland)

Titta Vilhunen is a visual artist and set designer. She is also making scenic paintings to movies and tv-series.
She is graduated (Ma) from Aalto-university in 2008 and has been working since as a freelancer artist and a set designer. She has been teaching in Aalto-university School of art and design in a department of movie- and theater design since 2006. She is teaching special materials, scenic painting and sculpture.
Titta Vilhunen has lately been interested about wood as a material and memories as a content. Her last exhibition was studying process of collective and personal memory.