Kaori Suzuki started to study the classical ballet when she was a child at Singapore, then in Japan.
1989~1996, she had been working as a classical solo dancer in Japan, and since 1997, she lives in Paris and she has danced at Royal Ballet of London, Opera de Paris, Garnier and Bastille.
Kaori has played in the musical “King and me” with famous actor Lambert Wilson in Paris.
Madame Suzuki is a very successful actress and a choreographer as well.

Sébastien Vuillot started by Jazz Dance in 1985 then contemporary, tap dancing.
He discovered Japanese traditional dances, as Nô, Kyogen in Japan and he has studied it there.
In 2002, he met Christian Remer, Alain Recoing (master of the marionette) and at Théâtre aux Mains Nues (Paris) he has been working as his assistant.
He received 1st Prize of Dance Box with his solo “Ningyo”.
Sébastien Vuillot has played in several films: Ballon Rouge, M’as-tu rêvé ?, Bunraku.
He also organizes The Festival de Marionettes in Paris.

Company Tsurukam is their collaboration work, and they create an original performances with dance and marionettes. And the motto of this remarkable French-Japanese company is; “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best.”

At the 14th edition of Le Petit Festival du Theatre they will play Kagome.
The play refers to Japanese legend Tsuruno Ongaeshi.

Long, long ago in a far off land there lived a young man. One day, while working on his farm, a brilliant white crane came swooping down and crashed to the ground at his feet. The man noticed an arrow pierced through one of its wings. Taking pity on the crane, he pulled out the arrow and cleaned the wound. Thanks to his care the bird was soon able to fly again. The
young man sent the crane back to the sky, saying; Be careful to avoid hunters. The crane circled three times over his head, let out a cry as if in thanks, and then flew away. As the day grew dark the young man made his way home. When he arrived, he was surprised by the sight of a beautiful woman whom he had never seen before standing at the doorway. “Welcome home. I am your wife”, said the woman. The young man was surprised and said:
“I am very poor, and cannot support you.”
“Don’t worry!” she said. “Love will help us.”

One day the wife asked the young man to build her a weaving room. When it was completed, she said:
“You must promise never to peek inside.”
Finally, after seven days, the sound of the loom stopped and his wife, who had become very thin, stepped out of the room holding the most beautiful cloth he had ever seen.
“Take this cloth to the marketplace and it will sell for a high price” said the wife.
The next day the young man brought it to town and, just as she said, it sold for many coins. Happy, he returned home…