Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik (Croatia): 4 July, 2020

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2020, Croatia

Vinko Mario Prizmic 2019

Love Le Petit Festival… Do you know why? Because Le Petit does not care, if you are rich or poor. If you are white, red, yellow or black. Old or young… For Le Petit it’s not essential which religion you follow… Which nationality you are… For Le Petit Festival there is only one thing that is of great significance; How much modesty, compassion, honesty and Love you carry in your heart. Thus… Vive L’Amour! Forever! Long live Love!

Welcome to the 16th Le Petit Festival du Theater.
Le Petit Festival will be held in Dubrovnik. Just one night!
At Rector Palace July 4 at 8 p.m.
“The smallest restaurant in the world”
Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2020, Croatia
The chef will be a waiter …
Table from 1780 … where the dinner will be served to only one guest! Nine meals … nine different plates, nine different tablecloths … on each plate there is a love verse… on each tablecloth a handwritten love song … Nine meals dedicated to nine great people who once lived on our blue 🌎
Only Love can save our Earth …
Vive L’Amour!
– Vinko Mario Prizmic, Croatia

This next is written by one of the greatest American writer…. Michael Lederer

How big is a dream? The smallest child can have the biggest dream! And while it can fit into a heart, it can also float like a cloud, above, below, and through us. It can lift us up if we are tired, keep us company if we are lonely, set the prisoner free, and heal us if we are sick — even if only for a moment. But even eternity is made of moments! Like this moment here and now we share in this little dream called Le Petite Festival.

Rector Palace Dubrovnik

Vinko asked me to write something for this evening, and he will be embarrassed to read this, but I must ask him to read it anyway. As I was walking many years ago on Stradun, this man Vinko came brushing past me on a child’s scooter. He had a colorful jacket and a big smile and sparkling eyes, like a kind spirit from a fairy tale. “Where are you going?” he asked me. “I am going to a very important meeting!” I told him, “with Mister So-and-so, and Mrs Such-and-such. And what about you, Vinko? What are you doing?” “I am looking for love!” he said. And then I stood there watching as he rode his scooter past the gradska kavana, toward the Rector’s Palace where you sit tonight. Later, I understood that his meeting was much more important than mine. Because what is more important than the search for love? It is the dream we all share. No white stone, no music, no star, no sunrise or sunset, no movement of the sea can be more beautiful than love. I smile, as you now will smile, to share one dream come true, that we call Le Petite Festival.

Le Petit Festival du Théâtre is a unique and exquisite event that introduces contemporaneous poetics and aesthetics by way of various arts, crafts, and performances. Enjoyed by international audiences and, whenever possible, interactive with the artists, writers, scientists and designers.

Our little rebel, filled with devotion and the boundless energy of a family, is comprised of unique people that seek to influence and change our world – artists, intellectuals, designers, poets, romantic scientists, and creative fanatics.

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2019, Croatia

Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2020