Program Dubrovnik 2022

“Retour à la Nature – Return to nature”

June 24-July 4, 2022 at Rector’s Palace

Friday | 24 June 2022

The 18th Le Petit Festival will open with an exhibition of festival’s theme: Retour à la Nature – Return to nature
Atelier Pulitika – Fortress of St. Ivana / With Ekrem Yalçindag (Turkey), Marija Graša (Croatia) and Thomas Henriksson (Sweden)

Slovenian artist Radovan Jenko has created a poster that vibrates with invigorating energy:
“Love nature like her mother, don’t turn your back on her.” From June 26 to July 2, his creation together with this strong message and the artists of the eighteenth Le Petit Festival will visit various islands of the Dubrovnik coast, and as always, homes for the elderly and infirmed people in Dubrovnik.

Sunday | 3 July 2022

Rector’s Palace
Forgotten God’s Plants and Homeopathy or Medicines of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Anne Vervarcke (Belgium), Dr. Sasa Lucic (Croatia-Italy)

Monday | 4 July 2022

Memories of the Croatian composer and poet Jure Stanic

Martin Ladika (Croatia), Vinko Prizmic (Croatia)
Ines Bouallegue (Switzerland), String Quartet – Karmen Begic, Marta, Dzive and Paula Catic (Croatia)