Coat of arms of Hanko, Finland

Hanko (Finland): 21-23 August 2020

Le Petit Festival Hanko 2020, Finland

Mi Alexandra Grönlund

Water is the messenger of life, the whisper of Being, and the voice of perpetual change.
– Mi Alexandra Grönlund, Finland

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Small international art festival Le Petit Festival in Hanko 21-23 AUGUST 2020 and 31 JULY – 2 AUGUST 2021. This year, due to exceptional circumstances, the repertoire includes Finnish artists and local art. The multi-artistic art event held in Hanko since 2015 has presented interesting domestic and foreign artists and brought the cultural traditions of different countries to the city.

The Le Petit Festival art festival began with a friendship between two artists in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2004. The event is held there every year in June and the Hanko festival landed in August 2015. The festival’s main stage in Finland is Hanko City Hall. The festival is organized by the non-profit cultural association Presence ry in Hanko. We work and develop cooperation with many different co – workers.

Over the years, Le Petit Festival has gathered a worldwide network of artists around it. The event has been visited by deserving, interesting domestic and foreign authors dedicated to their art.

Our repertoire includes music, theater, contemporary dance, poetry, performance, design, street art, fine art, photography and film. We present the cultural traditions of different countries without forgetting the local Hanko artists. In Hanko we have seen culinary art from France, Latin American musical traditions, Portuguese fado and guitar skills, and even Japanese paper art. This year, the program featured an authentic and strong flamenco group from Jerez, Spain, but the visit will now have to be postponed to next year.

We combine both street art and high culture. The repertoire has included skilled street artists as well as music stars performing at Carnegie Hall in New York City. We also want to highlight the experimental art and factors that remain at the feet of large machines. The festival surprises its audience every year.

We also offer low-threshold software for children and young people, free events and art workshop activities. We emphasize equality, the indirect value of art in society, and promote art regionally.

Start supporting the development of the event and its continuity in Hanko. In return, we are offering a memorable art weekend in Hanko 2020 and / or 2021. Get event tickets, festival passes and posters. You can also get a flower for the artist or buy a charity ticket. Considerations will be collected from Hanko City Hall ticket sales during the event, Vuorikatu 1. We can also mail posters.

The tickets are valid from 2020 to 2021. Support the continuity of the event, free-field artists and regional art!

Le Petit Festival Hanko 2017, Finland

Hanko’s history is intertwined with the history of seafaring, and Hankoniemi as a berth was mentioned for the first time in the late thirteenth century. From the fifteenth century on, Pike’s Gut (Hauensuoli), a narrow strait between two islands, was used as a harbour. The rocks of the islands are covered with people’s names and coats of arms, carved by seamen while they waited for more favourable winds.