The 8th Le Petit Festival – Hanko

19-21 August 2022


The unique Le Petit Festival – Hanko Art Weekend, which has been held since 2015, provides again a versatile set of cultural delights. The programme features Argentine tango, contemporary circus, theatre, concerts, clownery, contemporary dance, films, poetry, visual arts, community art, lectures and workshops.

Red Nose Company - Hanko 2022

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Discount tickets: Students, unemployed, retired, professionals (card shown at the door). Children’s tickets 6 – 12 yrs.
The event is supported 2022 by: City of Hanko / Culture, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Svenska Kulturfonden.

Friday | 19 Aug 2022

At 17

Argentine tango in the rhythm of the Baltic Sea

On Regatta beach.
Hérnan Ohaco – ARG, Merja Tanjunen – FIN, free admission.

At 18 – 20 ( 20 min. break )


About Love is an acoustic evening to love.
Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 35 / 30 / pass
Jani Toivola is known as actor, author, and social influencer. About Love is Toivola´s personal, poignant, and humorous solo performance of the traces of life left behind, parenting, and love without any rules. The performance is based on his book ‘Rakkaudesta’ (About Love), published in the spring of 2021. The evening takes viewers from the sweaty gym of a notorious suburban school all the way to gay clubs in New York and the small village of Webuj in rural Kenya, to the roots lost. About Love is a story about the traces and new beginnings of life, about yearning for loving oneself and others. The performance combines theatre, contemporary dance and video art.

Working group:
On stage: Jani Toivola & dresser Saban Ramadani
Directed by Emilia Hernesniemi
Manuscript: Jani Toivola
Choreography: Jasmir Vesander
Sound design: Satu Kankkonen
Lighting design: Siri Haapianen
Costume designer: Claudia Cifu
Photos: Pietari Purovaara

At 20.45 – 20.55


Contemporary circus piece
Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 20 / 15 / pass ( Performance + shorfilm )
RISA is a seamless combination of dance and acrobatics, a combination of two different physical artists and a distinctive movement language they have developed together, where dance stretches to new dimensions and encounters acrobatics to find new directions.

At 21 – 21.15

A short film by circus artist Pinja Seppälä: Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Pinja Seppälä is a Finnish multidisciplinary circus artist who has performed around the world since 2013 both as a solo artist and in international groups. We see a circus-themed short film completed at the festival in 2022 inspired by four classic elements: earth, water, air and fire.

At 21.30 – 23 ( 15 min. break )

ALAKUKKULA – orchestra

Hanko to town hall, foyer, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 15 / pass

The orchestra from Jyväskylä performs old and new domestic and foreign hits in its unique original style. During the evening will be heard both Jaques Brell and Finnish nostalgia with strong melancholy and longing.

Heikki Hakkarainen – guitar
Tommi Ojala – guitar
Eero Virtanen – cintrabas
Matti Perälä – singing

The festival’s bar is open ! *Drinks and snacks*

Saturday | 20 Aug 2022

At 10 – 14


For all levels
Brankis, Nycanderinkatu 8 lessons 15 e – 65 e pass

HÉRNAN OHACO – ARG & MERJA TANJUNEN – FIN, language eng. and fin.

At 10 – 11 all levels H + M
At 11 – 12 all levels H + M
At 12 – 13 all levels H + M
At 13 – 14 all levels E + L

Note! You can book all group lessons and private lessons directly from

PRIVATE LESSONS SINGLE 60 e, PAIRS 70 e, 3 x lesson 150 e


Hernan Dionysus Ohaco ( ARG )
“The learning curve of tango is infinite like an 8,we never stop learning”
A lover of tango as an art form, Hernan aims to influence and inspire other dancers, as well as showcase how beautiful the dance is for communities.
Hernán has given weekly classes and special workshops in many stages of the tango world, especially in Europe and Argentina.
From the passion for Art and teaching, several projects were born that are still developing with the hope of being able to share what he has learned, from his experience and education.
“We perfect ourselves so that our lessons are useful so that you can experience, with our program, an understanding of the dance that goes beyond the aesthetic and visual”
We are developing a flexible technique that helps naturally in the way we express and share our feelings when we dance.
This technique is giving us the tools to educate and support complete dancers.

Merja Tanjunen ( FIN ) is a dance teacher and dancer from Northern Ostrobothnia. She found the world of Latin dances twenty years ago. When he later became acquainted with the Argentine tango, it really took her into it´s embrace! Merja is considered a versatile dance teacher and she has become a well known dance teacher all over Finland.

Ezequiel & Lydia’s ( ARG / NED ) specialization in teaching is the Neotango where they developed their own organic and creative dance style. They are one of the pioneers of bringing this innovation to the tango world. Using their knowledge and background in tango and different dance styles they bring their students into dancing deeper in connection with their own bodies, the partner, the music, they improve their technique and they teach them creative movements with freedom in the dance. They have a high level of  teaching Argentine tango in a pedagogical, step wise build up way, which is organic, with flow and fun.

At 11 – 14

Making a community work of art on the beach

On Regatta beach, free admission. Let’s create common art together, come along!
Director: Adrian Sundberg, a young talented art enthusiast who won the Hanko Culture Prize in 2021.
Film maker and visual artist Zagros Manuchar visits.

Let’s build a work of art on the beach together, directed by Adrian Sundberg, a young talented art enthusiast who won the Hanko Culture Prize in 2021. Sundberg is familiar with last year’s e.g. forms of sand and driftwood. Stone towers and a sand mandala are being built on the beach. The work combines the writings of Haiku poems on the sand by Sundberg and the participants to rinse the water. Adrian introduces participants to the world of Haiku poetry. The workshop will also be visited by Zagros Manuchar, the visual artist and film director from Helsinki.

Adrian Sundberg is a 19-year-old Hanko art enthusiast. Sundberg is inspired by aimless walking in nature, dreams, fables and mythology, ancient machinery, philosophy, literature and oriental culture. Sundberg has experimented with suitable use in art and style trends from cubic ceramics to oriental ink painting. In 2020, he won the Little -Finlandia literary essay competition with the essay Poetry of the Wordless World. The essay considers the nature of Haiku poetry and the ways to say it around the world and human experience.

At 14.15 – 15.15

Introduction to Argentine Tango and its world

LECTURE (language English)
Hérnan Ohaco – Argentina
Hanko City Hall foyer, Berggatan 1, Free entrance.

At 15.15 – 15.45


The work goes from Hanko’s Regatta beach to Hanko’s town hall and transports spectators from one place to another. Free entrance!

TOIVO is a place-based dance work for young dance enthusiasts. From the young people’s point of view, the work tells about hope and that it is worth believing in a positive future.
The work wants to share the good news about hope and a better tomorrow.

NOTE! Young dance enthusiast, Sign up and come together to create a dance piece and take part to free workshops: CONTACT: / 050 5119977 text your name and workshop HOPE. We send more information!

Concept and choreography: Nina Mamia
Sound design Kasperi Nordma

At 16 – 18 ( 20 min break )

The Red Nose Company: RÉvolution

Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 25/20 /pass

The new piece RÉvolution by the renowned Helsinki clown group The Red Nose Company brings a speech about humanity and the need to be seen to the stage. The duo’s previous performance Babylon was a theatrical event in 2018 and was also seen at Le Petit Festival. The performance turns the configuration of power between clowns upside down and deals with the distribution of power on a daily and personal levels. Who has the power to make the invisible visible, or the visible invisible? The performers Hanna Seppä (RÉ) and Minna Puolanto (Babylon ) were awarded the Best Performer Award at Fin Fringe in the spring of 2022.

Working group:
On stage: Hanna Seppä and Minna Puolanro
Directed by Niina Sillanpää
Manuscript: Minna Puolanto, Hanna Seppä, Niina Sillanpää 
Dramaturgy: Minna Puolanto, Hanna Seppä, Niina Sillanpää ja Milja Sarkola 
Lighting design: Juha Tuisku 
Costume designer: Virve Karoliina Balk 
Stage design: Working group
Photos: Mark Sergeev 
Producing: Red Nose Company: Maija Kühn, Inka Virtanen, Minna Puolanto, Hanna Seppä and Tuukka Vasama.

At 20.30 – 22.30 ( 20 min. break )


Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 35 / 30 / pass

The conductor Mikko Helenius: Bandeon and grande piano
Anthony ja Liis Marini – violin
Laura Kajander – alto violin
Hannu Rantanen – contrabas


The conductor of Saturday’s tango concert is Mikko Helenius, a Sibelius Academy graduate who brings along his orchestra. The soloist will be Martin Alvarado, an Argentinian golden voice.

Martin Alvarado is perhaps the most performing Argentine tango singer in the world. His relationship with Finland is special and the collaboration with composer Mikko Helenius has lasted for 15 years. The concert will feature several beloved Astor Piazzolla tango songs, as well as Argentine and Finnish classics in the style of contemporary tango. The atmosphere will be highlighted by dancers who have traveled the world.

It was one hundred years in 2021 since the birth of Astor Piazzolla. The programme features some of Piazzolla’s most beloved tangos. Astor Piazzolla is certainly the most famous name in the world of tango music. He is known as a composer, virtuosic bandoneon player and developer of new tango. In his music, Piazzolla combined elements of classical music and jazz with tango, which resulted in a completely different style of tango, nuevo tango – “new tango” in English.

At 22.30 – 01.30

MILONGA – Tango dances

At night, Milonga is still danced in the foyer of the City Hall, to the beat of an Argentine DJ.
The festival’s bar is open.

Note ! Over the weekend, international teachers will also offer lectures and tango workshops for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Also private lessons !

Sunday | 21 Aug 2022

At 10 – 14


For all levels
Brankis, Nycanderinkatu 8 lessons 15 e – 65 e pass ( all lessons )

HÉRNAN OHACO – ARG & MERJA TANJUNEN – FIN, language eng. and fin.

At 10 – 11 all levels E + L
At 11 – 12 all levels E + L
At 12 – 13 all levels H + M
At 13 – 14 all levels H + M

Note! You can book all group lessons and private lessons in advance directly from

At 11 – 11.40

MAMIA COMPANY: The detective agency Nappi: Kittie Smalls and Sewer rat – an interactive detective adventure.

Hanko City Hall foyer, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 15 e / 50 e 2 + 2 / pass


Master detectives Kittie Small and Sewer rat at the detective agency Nappi are on a beach holiday. Suddenly a bottle post interrupts the holiday.

Hulda suffers from a lack of oxygen and has difficulty breathing. Detective agency Nappi is commissioned to find out who is to blame and how they can help Hulda. Kittie Small and Sewer rat become acquainted with four different characters who may be responsible for Hulda’s infection. The work approaches the subject through interactive activities, questions and humor, not by blaming or talking about. The work also gives adults cause for reflection.

Manuscript; Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Actors: Kasperi Nordman & Nina Mamia

Choreographer: Nina Mamia

At 13 – 14

THEATER SAAGA: Sekasointuja (Dissonances)

On the stage soprano LOTTA AAKKO – musician JAAKKO ROSNELL
Manuscript and directing: NIINA AHO
Hanko town hall, foyer, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 15 / pass

The monologue play tells the dramatic growth story of the poet Hilja Onerva Lehtinen (1882-1972) to a promising artist.
Sekasointuja (Dissonances) is a touching drama about the radical artist of her time. The monologue performance tells the dramatic growth story of the poet L. Onerva, overshadowed by her constant struggle with the burdens of childhood trauma, community expectations, and independence pressure. The youth of Hilja Onerva Lehtinen (1882-1972) remained in the period when the status of women was strictly limited, and the unconventional lifestyle of her time as a poet was looked down upon. L. Onerva was a pioneer of art and a genuine free spirit, whose art and life stages are still affective today. What encouraged this beginner poet to pursue her dreams and believe in herself in spite of difficult circumstances? The monologue play tells the dramatic growth story of poet Hilja Onerva Lehtinen (1882-1972) to a promising artist.
This year marks the 140th anniversary of the poet’s birth.

At 15 – 17 ( 20 min. break )

JORI OTSA & ORCHESTRA: The most beautiful evergreen songs of the legendary Estonian singer Georg Ots

Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 30 / 25 / pass

The JORI OTSA & Orchestra will interpret the most beautiful evergreen songs of the legendary Estonian singer Georg Ots on traditional instruments. From 2020 to 2022, the Orchestra has published a trilogy of songs that made Ots famous, and the most beautiful and emotional interpretations of them will be presented. The concert will offer a wistful journey into the past.

At 19 – 20


The gentle light falls on all of us and the hares
Laskeutuu lempeä valo meihin kaikkiin ja jäniksiin

Hanko town hall, stage, Vuorikatu 1, tickets 20/pass
´We take love with us wherever we go. In the gentle light we can see / look at everything with love´

Tua Forsström’s poems and new compositions for them in an hour-long performance where where sung and recited poetry engage in dialogue.

On Stage
Work group: Kati Outinen, Marielle Eklund-Vasama, Petri Tiainen
Music: Petri Tiainen
Dramaturgy: Kati Outinen and working group

The performance welcomes the audience into Tua Forsström’s poetry universe, where the tempo slows down / where you do not rush, where you listen and watch, give time. When you walk along the path in the forest, the mind is permeated by thoughts of all sorts of wonderful things, kindness, drops on the spruce twigs, floating away, small timbres. Time stops and stretches out, you see everything sharper / everything looks even clearer. The performance had its tour premiere during Poetry Week in Kajaani a year ago.

You would not blame me
You would look at me through the drizzle
You would not turn your face away
Blows shells lightly over the water
The gentle light falls on us
all and the hares

One evening in October, I rowed out on the lake, Schildts & Söderström 2012.

At 20.15

Closing night of Le Petit Festival

Le Petit Festivaalin päätösilta. Kansainvälinen DJ. Ezequiel Sanucci. Tanssia & Open Stage.
Closing night of Le Petit Festival. International DJ. Ezequiel Sanucci ( ARG / NED )

Dance & open stage. The bar is open. Free entrance / Vapaa pääsy.