Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab
Society changes
Time speeds up
Aspiration into the mist
Fighting for defending
Safe way to avoid risks/Staying in safety, avoiding risks
Humans are becoming weak
When both spirit and body suffer, how to get out
Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab
How should we live in the 21st century?
In the midst of compressed time and intense oppression
Living daily with the burden of routine duties
Someone going along with the trends of time
Someone never following the trends
but trying to stay on one’s own way
How should we get through this new era?
In the time when people produced and used things,
Soul and body worked together and body existed
From the time when people started to produce all things by a single finger,
Where does the body exist?
If one confines oneself into one’s own space, what would lie in wait
How does time go on?
How far is it possible to converse with things?
Where does respiration exist?
What are humans valued on?
What is still jolting our hearts in the current times?
What would be a human posture?


Ningyo LAB portrays how a man and a woman, who live in the current time, confront themselves each in his own way. Technological pictures with human postures, when things and hearts are related.
Will there be any guarantees for the processes we believe to be good?
What do the ones, walking around, look for every day?
Are they satisfied if they reach the destination?
Is it possible to stay there?
To cherish lost things?
To take good care of new things?
What will soothe human hearts?

Experimental LAB that examines human and Ningyo (puppet).
In earlier times, it was deemed good for a woman to gently serve men. It was common for her to live her life as she was told. A man learned to manage the world that moved around him, and it was common for him to live his life in a manly way. Nowadays, a woman utilizes women’s ways and sometimes men’s ways.
A man wants to be manly and play sometimes like a woman.

Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab

The moment a woman stops counting on a man
The moment a man starts to look for the image of an ideal woman
The moment a woman’s body is being manipulated
The moment a man is manipulating the image of a woman as he pleases
The moment a woman’s heart is enraptured
The moment a man misses a lost woman
The moment a woman stares at a parent and child
The moment a man is lost in the imaginary world about having a child
The moment a woman becomes not a doll-like, but a living woman
The moment a man stares, not at an ideal, but at a real woman
The moment not to search, but to encounter what is to to be accepted Existence

What kind of a reaction will be there (is to be seen) between the two: the man and the woman
Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab
Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab


Some women continue to live in the way they are educated in their cultural environment that defines a woman’s role in life.
But one day a woman may start questioning — who she is and where she is — and start searching a way out of her circumstances. Before really knowing what is wrong, she may feel anxious about others not accepting her and tries to change herself to meet the imagined needs. And, these are the times, when it is felt that life — an unsatisfying life — can be changed by a single finger. Ours is the time of the relationship between oneself and the personal computer.

As she feels she cannot fulfill all of her wishes and use her abilities in the outside world, she projects herself on the computer screen with exaggerated great qualities. It is possible, because nobody knows whether it is true. She expects innumerable unknown people to look at the screen. Pushing the buttons she tries to see, whether she knows the people, this one… that one… Her heart is trembling — why — is it because of the sound, the oscillation, the words, the image of a parent and a child? The tips of her fingers carry the radio waves into the unknown wold — her body is that fascinating form on the screen.
Yet, having marveled at herself on the imaginary world, having lived as a flow of images, there is, that self, left, lying in waiting, as the power is turned off…

Asking: Where do I exist? What do I really need? Should I become a puppet, who wants only to be liked? Will there be a day when this isolated body, this sense of a self could be satisfied, not with that one-way love, created by the finger tips, but by facing and loving another, each one of us loving each other with the full body, full mind?

Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab


A man has his daily routines and duties — and not doubting them, he believes his way of life can go on smoothly. However, one day he realizes that what he has taken for granted does not exist any more. He does not understand what he has done.

What he thinks as having been good, does not have the same value for the other person. He picks up the pieces, one by one, which the other — she — has left, looking back at the memories between the two. Could he possibly find a solution for them? He ponders why the situation has happened, the memories floating into his mind loosely, one by one. Inspired by his emotions the woman is revived in his mind as an ideal woman.

With the puppet moving as the man wishes, he himself is also revived. The dance plays on as if an eternal duet.

One day he is informed by a whisper that the woman is beginning a new life. She also has a new child. The man wonders if he could have a child with this woman and is carried into an imaginary world filled only with good memories. There the child will start to live a joyful life of dancing. Would it be possible for the man to come back to the real life on earth and a new encounter with her?

Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab
What are the postures of humans?
There are two programs to follow
Each one is provided with the same theme
To observe how it reacts to this experiment
What results are produced
Which case is better
Both cases are to be done again
Cie Tsurukam - Ningyo Lab
What can make it better
Can the results be accepted with the what-when-where standard
Endless days of Lab
Child Future Dream Possibility…
Are there?
How to go along with them?
What influences are produced?
What is in what?

Cie Tsurukam – Ningyo Lab