Ichiro Hatta

Ichiro Hatta was born in 1937 in Kyoto, and since 1969, he lives at Shugakuin, the northern part of the ancient, Thousand years old city of Kyoto, close to Mt. Hiei and The ancient Shugakuin-Rikyu, an Imperial Villa.

Ichiro Hatta

After been working as a Doctor for 45 years, three years ago his son took the relay of his clinic, and Ichiro Hatta now enjoys to spend his time to paint whole day.

He discovered the painting when he was nine years old, at the contest of portraits of children, he received a Silver prize and was very encouraged to continue to paint.

He learned with a private teacher to paint, and even now he continues to have the opinions and counseling from big Master Yoshinori Ikeda who is one of the judges of the most important painter’s group in Japan, Nitten.

Ichiro Hatta loves travelling, he goes to see the nature in the mountainside in Japan, or foreign countries, and he adores bird watching and painting.

Ichiro Hatta explains his present painting:
Jizo is a most popular Buddha made of stone. In Japan, we can meet him in the roadside as well as in the temples. I call him as “Ojizosan”, friendly.
When my sister died at the age of 2 because of measles, my grandmother said to me, “Don’t worry about her death. ”Ojizosan” will protect her and she will rest in peace in heaven.”
Jizo is the Buddha who decide in his mind to relieve the people suffering from troubles and illness in this world.
My grandmother said, ”When infants die, they pile pebbles and make little towers for their parents at the riverside named “Sanzuno-kawara” , on the way to heaven. When devils come up and destroy the small towers with their club, soon after “Ojizosan” come on and scare the devils.”
“Ojizosan” is a friend of oppressed people in this world, and always watch us. “Ojizosan” is our guardian, and I love him.
The painter is an actor. A good actor can have a part in ten different plays; an object can play a role in ten different paintings. When you stand in front of my canvases you should feel as at your home, you should feel the love.

Ichiro Hatta
E: i-hatta@mk1.macnet.or.jp