Ines Trikovich Le Petit Festival Goes Hanko 2015

You can never ignore her warm and enchanting voice. An eclectic genius, she has never had a traditional music education, but has been relying on her own strength. Today, Croatia Ines is considered one of the greatest jazz singers. She is much more than just a talented singer and songwriter, she swims in many different artistic styles like cabaret, comedy, jazz and theater and other artistic disciplines.
– Beishan international music festival 2013

Some call her Croatian Bjork, Ines is a born singer and a band leader. You can feel her strong instinct and musicality in the first minutes of her show. When you hear her once you immediately notice her unique voice.
– Zoran Stajcic , Music critic. Zagreb 2013

A self-taught artist

Born in 1982, in Croatia, Europe. The musical journey of Ines began in an unconventional way. Without a day of classical musical school, this self-taught vocalist became one of the most respected jazz vocalist in Europe and the World. Ines has performed in jazz festivals, events, concert halls, private parties in countries like: Italy, Austria, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Ireland, New York, Slovenia, Croatia, France, Spain, Russia, Israel etc.

Some of the festivals and projects she worked on are: Liburnia jazz festival, Samobor jazz festival, Theater show “The Nightingale”, Musicals Day for Love & Ivana Rock fairytale, Le Petit Festival du Theatre, Runjiceve veceri, Cabaret Lilibelle- a cabaret play she directed and wrote, with whom she toured through China in 2011, Hong Kong international jazz festival, OCT loft Jazz festival in Shenzhen, Safed international music festival(Israel), Beishan World Music Festival, Macau Literary Festival-Script Road, Jazzarella all woman jazz festival, New York All souls at sundown – concert with Aaron Goldberg, etc.

Itseoppinut taiteilija

Ines Trikovich syntyi vuonna 1982 Kroatiassa. Inesin matka musiikin huippuammattilaiseksi alkoi epätavallisella tavalla ilman musiikin koulutusta. Itseoppinut laulaja on kohonnut yhdeksi arvostetuimmista jazz laulajista Euroopassa ja maailmalla. Ines on esiintynyt jazz festivaaleilla, tapahtumissa, konserttisaleissa sekä yksityisissä juhlissa mm. Italiassa, Itävallassa, Saksassa, Kiinassa, Hong Kongissa, Macaussa, Irlannissa, New Yorkissa, Sloveniassa, Kroatiassa ja Ranskassa.

Ines on esiintynyt mm. seuraavilla festivaaleilla:Liburnia jazz festival (Kroatia), Samobor jazz festival (Kroatia), Hong Kong international jazz festival, OCT loft Jazz festival (Kiina) Safed international music festival (Israel), Beishan World Music Festival (Kiina), The Script Road – Macau Literary Festival, Jazzarella all woman jazz festival (Kroatia). Muita esiintymisiä ovat mm. teatteri esitys The Nightingale, musikaalit Day for Love ja Ivana Rock fairytale, Cabaret Lilibelle- kabaree jonka Ines käsikirjoitti sekä ohjasi ja vei kiertueelle Kiinaan 2011. Ines on esiintynyt myös Le Petit Festival du Theatre:ssa Kroatiassa sekä New York All souls at sundown – konserttissa.

One of the most avant-garde jazz vocal albums ever recorded in Croatia

Ines worked and collaborated with Elvis Penava, Hrvoje Rupcic, Janko Novoselic, Goran Rukavina, Krunoslav Levacic, Hrvoje Galler, Luka Zuzic, Andreas Marinello, Zvonimir Šestak, Joe Pandur, The Jewsers, Ante Gelo, Eddie Luis, Lee Delong, Ted Lo, Jarmo Saari, Mario Igrec, Red Noses International and many others.

With her Sextet last year she published a CD “Runjic in Blue” which was declared by the critique as one of the most avant-garde jazz vocal albums ever recorded in Croatia and this year was awarded for best jazz performance of the year.
In May 2014, Ines participated as the first non-American jazz artist in famous jazz concert cycle “All Souls At Sundown” in a church on Manhattan, New York City, accompanied by Aaron Goldberg, one of the most famous jazz pianist in the world.
She is currently developing projects with New York based artists, Aaron Goldberg and Brian Girley group and making a new album.

List of clients include:
Mercedes Benz, Apple Inc, The Pentagon – United States Department of Defense, Hilton hotels, Radisson resort and hotels, Hyundai, Toyota, Ikuo Ichimori Jewellery, Prototype Schumacher, New York All Souls At Sundown concert series, Dolce & Gabbana, Beishan international jazz festival, Hong Kong International Jazz Festival etc.

Ines Trickovich will perform with Mikael Jakobsson