Mayuko Yokota
Mayuko Yokota

Winner of the third prize in the 29th Rai-on-kai Piano Competition (2008, college section) and the fourth in the 23rd Japan Classical Music Competition (2013, general division), Mayuko Yokota was also named as a finalist for the 15th International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia (2014, general section).

Regarding solo performances she has played in the New Year Gala Concert in Azuchi (2007), the 3rd Anniversary Magnolia Salon Concert (2012), Biwako Art Festival (2013) amongst others.

As well as being an active recitalist and a motivated accompanist and chamber musician, she has also performed as piano soloist with Aichi Chamber Orchestra in 2015.

Born in Shiga (Japan), Mayuko Yokota studied classical piano under Chiseko Minami, Midori Kataoka, Mioko Katō and Vadim Sakharov. After finishing her master’s degree from Aichi The Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music and after two years’ experience as a music teacher at a high school, she continues her studies in École Normale de Musique de Paris under Ramzi Yassa.

Alongside her studies, she has participated in short programs such as Biennale International Piano Academy in Germany (2012), Murrhardt International Piano Academy in Germany (2013) and Kusatsu International Summer Music Academy in Japan (2014).


I am very grateful to receive the invitation to this festival, “Le Petit Festival du Théâtre”.
Having moved to Paris to study music two years ago, I have enjoyed learning about French culture every day. Delayed trains, long vacations, frequent discussions among friends, for instance, let me discover a different culture or way of life from that of Japan. Through these experiences, however, I am now convinced; it is fruitful for performances to have a good rest, to be patient about everything and to take care of both body and mind.

As for the study in École Normale de Musique de Paris, I attempt to have a broad perspective, not only absorbing knowledge or acquiring skills but also looking at music through the art of “teaching” music. The study in École Normale de Musique de Paris interests me even more because of the differences between musical education in France and that in Japan.
Piano Concert at Gallery Dulcic Masle Pulitika
Expo Opening Party Thursday June 14, at 19h
The program of concerts includes works of Japanese composers, Akira Ihukube and Tōru Takemitsu. The motif of Akira Ihukube’s pieces, in particular, evokes Japanese festivities, and I hope you will enjoy the outdoor ambience of the summer evening.

Mayuko Yokota