Milena Nascimento
Milena Nascimento

Academic Education:
– Full Degree in Dance (University of Arts of São Paulo)
– Bachelor in the Performing Arts (College of Performing Arts Célia Helena – São Paulo, Brazil)
– Circus Arts Education: Aerial Acrobatics (Picadeiro Circus School – São Paulo, Brazil)

Some Information About Artistic Trajectory:
– Since 2003 Milena Nascimento has performed as a circus performer in one of the most important circus companies in Brazil, Oz Academia Aérea, where she participated in various shows throughout Brazil and abroad.
– In 2010 and 2011 Milena worked with the most celebrated trapeze artist of all time, Tito Gaona, in Florida, USA.

Milena researches Indian arts such as Kathakali, Kalari Payattu and yoga. She did studies on these arts in Delhi and Kerala, India. She also investigates the Chinese martial arts Kung Fu Shaolin and Win Chung.

– She has performed in Tunisia, Croatia, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, India and Thailand.
– Contemplated by the prize of the Secretary of State of Culture of São Paulo in the year of 2010, 2015 and 2016.
– Contemplated by the Prize Encouragement to the Circus of the Ministry of Culture in the year of 2011. Category: Research