Stephanie Lenhamm Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

Stephanie is a German singer able to perform different types of music such as jazz, pop, rock and choral. She is also a song composer and a dancer.

‘Leader of pop music and choir’

Stephanie has been studying Vocal studies of jazz/pop/rock and choral conducting at the Music College Regensburg in Germany where she has been ‘recognized leader of pop music and choir’. In 2006, she continued her studies of vocal music pop/worldmusic at Codarts, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Rotterdam, Netherlands with a.o. Simone Roerade (pop), Harjo Pasveer (pop/classical/jazz), Marianne Svasek (indian vocals, Dhrupad style). In 2010, she had her Bachelor in Music and started her own company ‘freesoulsounds‘ as a voice artist, choir leader and voice of the heart coach. She also founded and performed MaNie Magie: interdisciplinary performance artists collective.

In 2013, Stephanie started in collaboration with the dance department of SKVR Rotterdam as a singer, dancer and composer. She also performed as Aerial Dance Performer in Gabriele Koch’s sitespecific theatricval performance ‘Waldstück’, Wuppertal, Germany. Since 2014, she is performing ‘Sisters in the Sky’ which is an interdisciplinary duo with the Chinese Pole acrobat Ilse de Jong in a unique combination of music theater and circus. Since 2015, Stephanie is the leader of interdisciplinairy project ‘Traveller’ with freesoulounds & friends & sing2enjoy, combining aerials, singing&choir conducting with dancers&choir.

stephanie lehmann petit festival

Stephanie Lehmann