Vinko Mario Prizmic

The United Artists Project started in March 2009 another Vinko Prizmic endeavor paradoxically entitled My Happy Funeral

This undertaking has gathered and involved more than 888 artists from all 6 continents

My Happy Funeral (actually a series of many happy little funerals) is a light game of metaphysical enchantment about a poor poet still searching for the beauty of the unknown, still grappling with the question, ” Why do we die and how long will our death last?…”

In March of 2009, the United Artists Project embraced the latest Vinko Prizmic masterpiece. This work of outstanding artistry is paradoxically entitled My Happy Funeral. Six continents and the participation of 888 artists hosted a series of many “happy” funerals that convey the metaphysical enchantment of a poor poet searching for the beauty of the unknown while seeking the answer to the question that asks, “Why do we die and how long will our death last…?”

The first Happy Funeral was held in Paris on the 21st of March 2009, more performances followed all around Europe–St.Moritz, Wroclav, Berlin, Copenhagen , Stockholm, Helsinki, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Cahors and Florence.  During this unusual journey, Vinko Prizmic was accompanied by his Muse, Nora Amore Conde, and by a coffin with a soul – Something Better (decorated by German artist Niki Boden) .

The most recent leg of this journey brought Vinko Prizmic to Asia—to the magical volcano of Mt. Pinatubo where he met up with Something Better Jr. (an amazing coffin that transforms to a Steamer Trunk, a masterpiece of furniture designer Don Quixote Jr. alias Matthew S. Brill). This unusual performance of My Happy Funeral lent the volcano’s crater a brilliant glow of sad and joyful happiness and poetry. Shortly after, this metaphysical fairytale continued to Sydney, Australia, then to Zimbabwe, Africa…

Vinko Mario Prizmic
Vinko Mario Prizmic

Vinko Prizmic felt the call for the fifth continent yet to be visited, and went on to San Francisco, North America. In January 2014, accompanied by the former angels of San Francisco Ballet, Something Better Houdini (the only foldable coffin in the world designed by M.S.Brill ) gently and graciously resting on the cliffs of the Golden Gate skyline.

The sixth and last continent was South America. Welcome to Buenos Aires. The guests, as well as the statues of noble angels of the “La Recoleta Cemetery” were delighted, amazed and confused by such unusual performance.

The upcoming performance, in Hanko, Finland, will be a World Premiere, something you probably have not seen or imagined before

Along with this exquisite voyage will be presented two magical machines, by French wizard of mechanical movements Gilbert Peyr

Aimer est plus difficile que mourire…

Traveling to six continents carrying one’s own coffins is a wondrously daring tour… embarked upon to enlighten the living with the metaphysical concept of a divergent view of the end of life. It cannot be described as a theater piece, nor as a performance act. It cannot be embraced in any known art form because nobody ever has ever served as a traveling ambassador of the sensitive, emotional, and painful subject of death.

To love is more difficult than to die

is a world premiere of a brazen attempt to cause one to look past the defined boundaries of discussing the inevitable.

Vinko Prizmic – Croatia

Matthew Sven Brill – Usa

Gilbert Peyre – France