Wayne Weddington
Wayne Weddington

Mr Wayne Weddington is an Investor, Writer, Philanthropist and, well, singer raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA, the City of Brotherly Love.

Mr Weddington first became enamored with Croatia and its many regional cultures in 2004 with his first visit to Dubrovnik to visit the WarPhoto Museum, founded by an erstwhile New York BFF Frederic Hanrez. Mr Weddington is devoted to music as a conduit of communication, in all of its genre. And in that spirit, and the inspirations of Le Petit Festival, offers his first public performances in the Croatian language as an expression of love and global community.

Mr Weddington is in development of a collaborative ecosphere, the IamYou Project, organized to foster mutual joy and understanding through conversation and respectful discourse, an increasingly lost medium corrupted by the anonymity of technology and social media.

The central purpose promotes listening, artistic expression and basal understanding between strangers across the globe. It has a Name. And it is Love. Mr Weddington is married to his Croatian Muse, Gabrijela, and currently resides in New York.

Music and love are the same thing. When I sing I love…