Japanese Tea Ceremony – Le Petit Festival 2018

The sculpture is an expression of gratitude to the tea whisk, the little bamboo tube that is meticulously split halfway into dozens of fine prongs that are then pulled apart with cotton string into two rows forming a perfect bell-shape. Years of training and hours of effort go into each handmade tea whisk. To the sajin (tea ceremony practitioner), the tea whisk is not only an indispensable tool but also a symbol of the worldview underpinning the art of chanoyu, namely the appreciation of transcendent beauty in simple things. During Japan’s period of isolation (1641-1858), Nagasaki was the only port where trade with Europe and China flourished.
The city is also a birthplace of Japanese green tea, and you can enjoy the original Samurai-style green tea ceremony at the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik.

These 9 members are: Ryuichiro Kawase (M), Chikako Ogawa (F), Keiko Fujiyama (F), Hirohumi Motoyama (M), Takae Motoyama (F), Masaaki Shinoda (M), Shinichi Ogawa (M), Nobuhiro Takahara (M), Sachiko Takahara (F).

Love Le Petit Festival…
Do you know why?
Because Le Petit does not care if you are poor or rich. If you are white, red, yellow or black. Old or young… For Le Petit is not essential which religion you follow… Which nationality you are… For Le Petit Festival there is only one thing that is of great significance; How much modesty, compassion, honesty and Love you carry in your heart. Thus… Vive L’Amour! Forever! Long live Love!