Ivana Barac

Ivana Barac’s fashion performance “Our Mama Earth” with a special appearance of Jelena Popadic. Imagine there’s no heaven. It’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky. Imagine all the people. Living for today…

A Croatian fashion designer, but not only

Ivana Barac was born in Dubrovnik in 1972. She is a restorer of stone and archaeological materials. She also completed the Institute of Moda- Burgo in Milan where she perfected construction. Her collections are regularly exhibited at the prestigious fashion event Fashion.hr from 2008 , through campaigns and solo presentations.

Fashion is a medium through which she manifest her creativity and leave it compleately, as a profession. Inspired by the transformation she advocated avant-garde, bat practical fashion concept. Her unique creations are not isolated from the trend, but adds dimension to a different perspective, that directly correspond with reality.

Defining Ivana Barač as exclusively a Croatian fashion designer would be a mistake, as do many. Beneath her hyperactive nature and, at first glance, simplified fashion ideas on the catwake, there is a completely unconventional discourse wich puts her into a role of a thinker of intellectual esthetics.

Ivana Barac

Her attitude towards fashion reminds us of cosmopolitism which pushes clothes into the background, evoking its exclusive role of a “tool”. When it comes to women, Ivana especially intrigued by something the French call “ allure” – the indescribable power of attraction…