Velimir Abramovic

Professor Dr. Velimir Abramović (brother of Marina Abramović) will come to Le Petit Festival to have a lecture about Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower

Nikola Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower | Illustration by Leo Blanchette

Velimir is born in 1952 in Belgrade, Serbia. In 1967, he set up a collection of poems called “Smeop”. In 1985, he wrote a Doctoral thesis called “The Problem of Continuity in the Natural Philosophy of Leibniz and Boscovich”. In 1989, he began as a professor of “Film Theory” at the University of Art in Belgrade and in 1990, he became a professor of “Time, Space and Matter Conceptions in natural Sciences”, University of Belgrade. In 1992, he became the founder and the editor in chief of Tesliana scientific magazine and in 2001, the founder of the private philosophical school “Institute for the Science of Time” in Barajevo, Serbia.

In 2003 and 2004, he was the editor of scientific and philosophical magazine Delphis in Moscow and a member of the Russian Interdisciplinary Temporology Seminar at Lomonosov, state University. From 2004 to 2007, Velimir was the Dean of Faculty “Academy of Art” in Belgrade and he also wrote a book on Nikola Tesla “The Light That Never Goes Out”.

In 2010, he became the founder of the scientific seminar Tesla Cosmological Studies in Belgrade. In 2012, after 36 years of research Velimir strated to formulate the theory Foundations of the Science of Time where the main hypothesis is Constant Present as the only time of phyical reality which mathematical models are Point and Zero. It is following by redefinition of Force and Energy conceptions and proposal for the new experiments leading to temporal control in physical and biological systems as the most desirable result in entire history of Science and Philosophy.

Since 2013, he has been working on Foundations of the Science of Time in forest of Barajevo, located 37 kilometers south of Belgrade.
Today, Velimir is the founder of The Free University of Serbia (in preparation).

Tesla: An educational talk to an audience

The planet Earth is a living being since the whole Universe is endowed with consciousness.

In 1899 (Colorado Springs research) our scientist of the future already envisaged and fundamentally tested his new scientific civilization development program starting its public disclosure by The problem of increasing human energy (1900) and detailed it explicitly, point by point, in his Worldwide system (completed 1906), and finally in the How Cosmic forces shape our destinies which forever stays the undisputable prophetic basis of the current world Informational society progressively becoming the scientific one.

If we try to essentially formulate the Tesla`s technological communism intellectual legacy, it would comprise:

1. Free energy from the environment,
2. transfer of human physical work to artificial intelligence,
3. evolving at ease planetary community by opened individuals, with
4. the spiritual and ethically knowledgeable scientists, as elite.

Positive consequences are obvious: no need for war, no need for domination based on force, no need for classical business or interest politics slavery or deliberate deception or compulsion of any kind. Tesla himself showed and paved the way. Indian Guru Swami Vivekananda was the first to comprehend Tesla`s electrical rituals and experience his laboratory as the temple of a new, high ethically impregnated scientific religiosity.

Professor Dr. Velimir Abramović