Alberto Goldberg Tango Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2015

In Tango Theatre Workshop we work the emotions and the stories that come when we dance. The objective is to recognize, to modify and produce them to the extent of their need.
We practice some simple techniques from the Theatre of the Physical Actions, that are applied directly to the ability of the dancers, generating extraordinary confidence in themselves and in the movements transmitted to their partners.

Tango Workshop

Double feature! Not only an incredible, amazing Tango couple, but also the very talented artist and specialist of Tango theatre – Alberto Goldberg of Buenos Aires.
We take in consideration:
a) A physical imaginary space (a room, a street, a forest, between winds, water, etc..)
b) The Characters are identified by moods, human attitudes physical and psychological traits. These are presented in tango movements.
c) A tango-dance with elements the modern theater, contemporary dance and the art of improvisation.
It is a source of ideas for the construction of choreography, a meeting with the expressive capabilities of each and also a chance to play. Facilitates communication and enriches the dancing couple. Can participate tango dancers of all levels, dancers of other branches of dance, actors and students of dance and acting. No need to attend as a couple.


Alberto Goldberg is the co-organizer of CAMBALACHE TANGO DANCE THEATRE FESTIVAL made since 2004 in the city of Buenos Aires. Alberto takes 8 years toured various cities in Europe giving seminars of Tango Theatre, Tango, Milonga, Musicality and Interpretation. He worked in various festivals: Buenos Aires, Berlin, London, Padova, Toulouse, St Petersburg, Ljubljana, Viznar-Granada), and with organizations and various dance halls: Zurich, Freiburg, Brussels, and Copenhagen, Munich, Rome, Verona, Torino, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Oporto, Preveza (Greece), etc. In October 2014 he co-directed the show Otello-Tango premiered at the theater Španski borci – Center kulture v Mostah in the city of Ljlubljana, Slovenia. (Fc Othello. – Shakespeare in Tango).
In August of the same year, he prepared the German and Nicholas Filippelli twins who obtained the 4th place in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires. He directed some tango shows the following theater: Innocent Bandoneón, Corazoneando , Tangos at the Edge of the Night. Lights and Shadows, Cálmame, Derailed , Floresta , Villa Luro , Dream, Match of Tango Improvisation, among others. Alberto is a dancer and a tango-teacher since 1990. Since 2000 teaches in LA CATEDRAL DE ALMAGRO and since 2013 in Espacio Cultural Oliverio Girondo.

Alberto Goldberg Tango Le Petit Festival Dubrovnik 2015