Jelena Popadic Le Petit Festival 2015 Dubrovnik

“My inspiration is from mother nature, and ancient teachings about secret geometry, esoteric, epics of creation. I am always fascinated by the translucency, visual effects and optical illusions of glass. When I am creating it feels like being plugged in to another dimension here energy and sounds are appearing in front of me creating indescribable shapes, sounds and songs. Thus shapes became a glass body and sounds and songs are coded in the service texture. I feel that glass as a material has a great memory. My pieces are containers with energy and I am just an extension cord, serving the force of creativity.”

Jelena Popadic is an independent artist, designer, teacher, active in the fields of Art Culture and Education.
Jelena was born in Yugoslavia in 1964 and partially grew up in Australia. She came to the Netherlands in 1984 to study Art & Design at the Gerriet Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Since her graduation in 1991, Jelena has been working as an independent artist, designer, curator and teacher. And specialist in glass as a medium in art & design.

Jelena is active in the field of visual and performing arts. Her favourite medium is glass. In the past, Jelena has been working as a painter, sculptor and designer for theatre, dance, opera and film productions. She also collaborates with interior architects, designers, choreographers and film makers. Her work is a mixture of research, innovation and disciplinary crossover.

She uses the transparency of the pure material and mostly primary colours. Her signature cold working techniques include deep sandblasting and cutting, which allow her to create mysterious, surreal indents on the object’s surface. The repetitive geometric visual elements that she creates refer to cell structures, crystals, molecules and atoms. She transforms glass into mysterious looking objects which become reborn in their outward appearance. Light that is penetrating through the material, reflecting in the texture results in a unique optical illusion effects.

One of the most prestigious designs Jelena Popadic has made is the vessel for Prince Bernard Foundation and the traditional “Orange vessel” on the occasion of the 25 th anniversary of Queen Beatrix as monarch of The Netherlands. Her work is part of international private and public collections, including the Dutch National Glass Museum Glass, Museum Sars-Poteries in France and Ernsting Stiftung Glas museum in Germany.

Her work is to be seen on the international scene and every year during the International Glass art fair in Leerdam and at the Galerie Nummer 40 in Doetinchem (NL).

Jelena Popadic