Hanko, a city of nature in Finland

Hanko, a city of nature in Finland

The lovely nature of Hanko

Hanko is Finland’s southernmost town and a traditional summer destination. The idyllic summer town is defined by the sea, its beaches and maritime culture. Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland, if not in the whole Baltic Sea area, and it offers beach experiences for everyone.

The history of Hanko

Hanko’s history is intertwined with the history of seafaring, and Hankoniemi as a berth was mentioned for the first time in the late thirteenth century. From the fifteenth century on, Pike’s Gut (Hauensuoli), a narrow strait between two islands, was used as a harbour. The rocks of the islands are covered with people’s names and coats of arms, carved by seamen while they waited for more favourable winds.
The port of Hanko became operational after the railway was completed in 1873, and Hanko was granted a town charter in 1874.

The tourist office goes green

The Hanko tourist office has a vision statement about becoming an environmentally responsible year round tourist destination by 2020. To reach this goal we need dedicated work and to emphasize environmental responsibility in all questions regarding tourism.
A clean sea and nature is an essential part of the attractiveness of this city situated on the southernmost point of Finland. We want to preserve the nature to ensure that the beauty and diversity is worth a visit, also in the future.

Things to see on your way to Hanko

Only a short drive west from Helsinki and you are greeted by a wonderful countryside landscape and a refreshing cultural diversity. You will find charming small towns, historical ironworks, a lively countryside with lakes, rivers and finally the open sea and the southernmost point of Finland. The cultural diversity, fascinating sights and all the possibilities for a good life will tempt you to stay longer. In one moment you go from one environment to another, from shopping to trekking or from tasty food to relaxing treatments.

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